Stayed Out In The Rain

Ellanquella Petrom is a strong girl. Not. Her body can make even a saint contemplate sinning. She's a bit obliviously aware. A bit of a contradiction, yes, but she knew some things, but other things. Harry Styles has a problem. He wants her. He stalked her for ten months, after she moved to New York two months before. His New Year's Resolution for this year: Make Her His A story of an orthodox kidnapper taking an unorthodox girl.


4. Chapter Four: British And Irish People Are Indecisive Class A Romantics

Ellanquella Dawn Petrom was a headstrong girl. From the age of ten, she knew she wanted to be somebody. Someone strong. Someone independent. Her father always believed she would be a great marine and follow in his footsteps. She never wanted to let him down, so she pretended to be a tomboy. She lived the life of a liar to keep peace and became the perfect trophy daughter.


After years of rigorous training, she decide to tell him the truth. Many of her friends and crushes had deserted her due to being turned down for training and meetings with marine officials. She told him to accept the truth and that she got into a writing school in NYC and that she would be leaving right after graduation. Of course her was hurt, but he and her mother trusted her and helped her rent an apartment.


After years of being alone, you find yourself wanting to be loved and your heart flutters when someone shows the slightest bit of interest in you, no matter how psychotic they might be. Yet you deny yourself of love because you’re afraid of being hurt again.


“Kitten, baby I need you to wake up.” Harry whispered lightly while shaking Ellie.


“Huh?” she questioned, rubbing her eyes.


“I need to get up and you’re on my arm.” he explained.


“Oh.” she blushed.


She moved and Harry retracted his arm from beneath her and stretched. He then got up and walked to the bathroom and began to shower.


‘What is wrong with me?’ I wonder while looking at the ceiling. I had been beating myself up about what happened last night and how I fucking blushed.


I don’t blush!


He’s turning me more of a girly girl than I ever wanted to be. I can’t believe I gave in to him so easily. Even though he’s attractive, doesn’t mean he’s off the hook. He kidnapped me for fuck’s sake!


I turn my head upon hearing a door open. Standing at the bathroom door is a glistening Harry, who smiles at me.


“Wow.” I whisper.


“I thought you went back to bed.” he says.


“Wow.” I repeat in shock.


“Please stop staring. I’m not even close to being attractive.” he questions insecurely while covering himself.


“Oh sorry.” I blush for like the tenth time.


Harry walked over to his drawers and pick out a pair of pants, a v-neck, and men’s undergarments. As he practically sprints back to the bathroom, I realize what he said.


“Harry?” I call out.


“Hmm?” he asks, stopping mid-step to turn around and face me.


“You’re quite handsome. Don’t let anyone tell you different.” I whisper causing him to blush and walking into the bathroom to hide his embarrassment.


“Get up, you piece of shit!”


“You’re nothing!”


“Fight back, stupid.”


“Please stop!” he whispered.


No one cared.


“She’ll never want you!”


“You’re such a lame!”


“You’ll never be somebody!”


He became the best real estate agent in both the US and the UK.


“So you’re going shopping for my clothes and I can’t go.” I clarify.

“Yep.” he answered.


“But we already established I wasn’t gonna leave.” I whine.


“I know, but I don’t want anything to happen to you, so Liam, Soph, Zayn, Perrie, and Niall are gonna watch you.”


“Ugh!” I say stomping up the stairs.


“Elliebear, please don’t be mad.” he begged.


“Fuck you!” I scream.


“Ellanquella, watch your mouth! I don’t want to have to punish you.”


“I hate you! You ugly bastard.” Ellie yelled, causing a wave of silence to fill the air.


“No, you don’t.” he denied, feeling upset that she lied.


“Fine! I might not hate you, but I sure as hell would kill myself than love you.”


“Kitten, stop saying things like that. Everyone just arrived, so I’m gonna go. Don’t be mad at me. I just wanna keep you safe. Try not to inflict pain on yourself unless it’s Liam. Wait not even Liam.” he told her before turning to Liam, who was standing at the door.


“Stay away from my Elliebear.” he growled before the car where Louis was waiting.


“Liam, can I see your phone?” I ask while poking his shoulder.


“Why?” he questioned.


“‘Cause I was thinking about our  conversation yesterday and I was thinking about leaving.”


“Then, no.”


“What? Why not?” I ask, confused.


“You may not know this, but over the past year, Harry has been way happier than back when he was in England. Seeing you did that to him. I know this relationship isn’t ideal, but Hazza just wants love and in no way will I help deprive him of it.” he informs me.


“Ugh!” I whine.


“Hey, you never know, you might end up in love with him.” he predicts before wrapping his arm around Sophia and turning to look at the TV.


I turn to Zayn, Perrie, and Niall with a wicked smile on my face.


“I going to say no, so don’t ask.” they say in unison.


I glare at all of them and go up stairs. Man, this place sucks!


First, you say I should leave while he’s gone. Now, you want me to stay and learn to love him.


Why do beautiful and handsome British and Irish people have to be such indecisive, class A romantics.


Why can’t this story be the one where the guy doesn’t get the girl, but the world does?


Like forreal!

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