Stayed Out In The Rain

Ellanquella Petrom is a strong girl. Not. Her body can make even a saint contemplate sinning. She's a bit obliviously aware. A bit of a contradiction, yes, but she knew some things, but other things. Harry Styles has a problem. He wants her. He stalked her for ten months, after she moved to New York two months before. His New Year's Resolution for this year: Make Her His A story of an orthodox kidnapper taking an unorthodox girl.


5. Chapter Five: Take It Back

Harry and Louis came back about two hours later with food and shopping bags with El strolling behind them. I came downstairs upon hearing the door open. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the takeaway container and attempted to go back upstairs, but I was stopped by arms wrapping around me.


“What’s wrong, beautiful?” Harry questioned, looking down at me.


I glance at Liam, who smirks at me and I reply by whispering “Nothing, just wanna be alone for while.” before smiling softly and unwrapping his arms from around me.


He took me plate from me, placed on the table, and pulled me back to him, my chest against his. His hands began to rub my lower back and he whispers “Is it that time, ‘cause I can ask the girls if they have tam-”


“NO!” I yell, hitting his arm playfully, which made him laugh.


“Oh. I just thoug-”


“Well maybe you shouldn’t think nor assume. Now, let me go.” I cut off jokingly.


“Are you still mad at me? You have to understa-”


“No, I got a new target.” I say, playfully hinting at Liam, who mock glares at me.


“Didn’t I tell you to stay away from my Elliebear?” Harry whined.


“She came near me, bro.” Liam defended jovially, his hands up in surrender.


While Harry was distracted, I turned around, picked up my plate, and ran up the stairs before he could catch me.


As I laid in the bed watching TV, Harry walked in, sat on the front edge, and sighed.


“Kitten?” he whispered.


“Not my name, but yes?” I reply, muting Leverage and turn to face him.




“Why?...” I trail off.


“W-w-why--H-h-how--Ugh! Do you not lov-- I am I not good enough?” he stutters out, his voice feeling the whole room.


“Harry, did you seriously make me silence Christian Kane for this?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.


“Dammit, Ellanquella! I’m being serious! I want this relationship to fucking work and you’re being an annoying bitch!”


“Me? A bitch? You the inconsiderate fucker, who decided to just stalk and kidnap me, but no, I’m the bad guy here. You’re nothing, but a disgusting, piece of shit!”


“Take that back!”


“You take it back!”


“Take what back?”


“I don’t know, just take it back!” (A/N: I used to love iCarly.)


“Take it back.”




“Take it back, Ivory!

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