The One That Got Away


1. Prologue

3 months later


"Where are you going, Nathan?" Taylor asked.

"Away from here. Away from you!" Nathan replied.

"Why? What did I ever do to you?"

Nathan kept walking, ignoring Taylor as he did.

Taylor stood there as tears streamed down her cheeks slowly."Nathan!" She yelled.

Nathan shook his head."Just leave me alone. Go to your mommy, daddy, and older brother, Paul!"

Taylor watched him."No!"She yelled."I will not go to them!"

Nathan sighed and stopped. He slowly turned around and looked at Taylor."Go! Now! Before I call your mom and tell her to pick you up!" He said. He didn't want to see her tears. He had already hurt her by doing this. He doesn't want her to know his past. The past that has finally caught up to him.
Taylor shook her head."Don't leave me..." She begged. She loved Nathan. Sure they were only 17 and 18 years old, but Taylor had found her true love after they hit the 1 year mark. She never fell in love with anyone before but that was also because Nathan was her first boyfriend and true love.

"Look, Taylor. I love you okay? But I have to do what's best for you and that's me leaving. I'm sorry." Nathan told her and started walking away. He sent a text to Taylor's older brother, Paul, to tell him to pick Taylor up.

Taylor fell to her knees as she cried silently into her hands.

After 10 minutes of crying in the parking lot of the restaurant Taylor and Nathan broke up at, Paul came up in his truck.

Paul seen Taylor on crying on the ground, got out, and picked her up."Taylor, it's okay baby sister."

Taylor didn't listen, she just shook her head and continued to cry in her brother's arms.

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