Harmonie's Testimony


4. The Talk

It's been a month since that horrifying night with Deante. Things have dramatically changed in my life. Although parts of sex felt good, I was scared of most of the guys in my life. I tried to act as normal as possible, but my mother noticed the change in her little girl and decided to have a talk with me. "Harmonie Keyshia Lashell Johnson? What is going on with you? Gerome is forever calling this house, you are always in this room, and your too quiet for comfort. You need to start explaining." Deante walks by and slides his hand under his throat as if to say he's going to cut my head off. "Mama, I'm just tired." She senses the tension with Deante,but does not see him do what he did. "Well ok, I can understand that. What happened between you and Gerome?" "That girl he cheated on me with in the 9th grade, he got her pregnant now, which means he cheated again." "With who, that fast girl La'shaundra?" "Yes mama it was her." "You fought her didn't you?" "Yes mama, I did." "Look, Gerome is trifling for that,yes in deed trifling, but y'all have been together for too long to let it end like that." "Like what?" "You fighting his pregnant soon to be baby mama." Each letter of her words set in and stung my heart as she said her words. I say he needs to come over and talk it out with you." "Mama I don't want to speak or see him ever again." "Too late, I already invited him over here. Gerome!" Here walks in my Carmel baby, with a white beater on showing off every muscle he has, a du-rag on his head and some sweats. I roll my eyes moving to the other side of the room. "Seriously!" "Yes seriously, don't get me wrong but this is best. You're Keyshia on the streets but you will remain Harmonie in this house and what I say goes. Don't leave this room until you guys are on good terms, whether you decided to end the relationship or not. Do you understand me little girl?" "Yes mama I totally,fully, and completely understand." I answer back sarcastically. I feel his glare piercing through my skin. I look into those hazel green eyes and they shift to a wounded puppy glare. I want so badly to kiss him but reject the thought of him touching me quickly. "Harmonie, I love you. I didn't mean for any of this to happen and I really didn't want it to happen the way it did." "Ok." "Please don't act like that." "Act like what?" I look down in tears at the promise ring he gave me." "Keyshia?" I slide the ring off. "Don't do this Keyshia." "The first time was a mistake,the second time was ruff, but the third time you hurt me on purpose." "But baby girl." As soon as he said baby girl, the memory of Deante rushes through my head and I faint.

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