Harmonie's Testimony


9. Talk about Jealousy

"Hey Harmonie, so this is the guy huh?" "What are you talking about?" "This is the guy that you got off the phone to go on a date with." "Yes, is that a problem?" "Hell yeah it's a problem no offense to you." Ray'shawn buts in "None taken, young brother." Gosh it's so sexy how he can keep his cool. "Young, I could be your daddy." "Well from the sound of things coming from the voices on the streets you will be someone's dad just not mine." Damn that must have burned like heck. "Listen here punk, don't get murked or Molly whooped on this beach." "Is that a threat?" He steps up, this conversation is going south. I grab his waist "Ray'shawn let's go." He walks around still wanting to jump down Gerome's throat. "Gerome we will talk later about this." We walk off. Why does he always have to do that,I am not his girl. Ray'shawn sensing my aggravation and embarrassment pulls me closer to him. "It's cool girl I'm not sweating it." I relax at his warm touch. "Aye you smoke weed?" "No, I just use to sell it." "Aw ok cool." "So where's that place you wanted to go?" "Mount Laila" "I've never been there. Would you mind driving?" "I just got my license so I'm a rookie driver." "It's cool I trust you." We get into his mustang and I start driving to my favorite mountain. "Harmonie?" "Yes, Ray?" "I really like you." "I really like you too." He leans over and kisses me. I melt like butter on a fresh oven made biscuit. Up on Mount Laila, we talk about anything that comes to mind, really he does most of the talking and I ask all the questions. It made me feel special that I could ask him and he would just answer. "Would you mind telling me about your mother?""What do you want to know about her?" "Whatever you feel comfortable telling me." "My mother is my life, I'll do anything to make her happy. I protect her with my life because my dad used to beat her. She's light skin,really short, thick, long hair, and has the sweetest heart around. So you can understand my struggle." I look into his eyes feeling the love for his mother through the heart of his mouth. "What about your father?" "Well one day I came home, I saw him beating my mother. He was drunk and it pissed me off that beating her became a daily routinely. My mother planned on leaving him but where would we go? By this time I stopped caring, I walked up to him and just lashed out. He almost killed me, my mother wouldn't fight back for her life, but she would die before she would let him take mine. I was lying on the floor blood gushing out of my side where he had stabbed me, that's when I saw my mother raise up bloody,bruised, and over beaten, she fought him with everything that she had left, plus what God had given her. She called the cops, they arrested him and rushed us to the hospital. I died that night but my mother prayed and that's why I'm here today." By the time he ended the conversation I was in tears." Here I am whining about my life and he had it much much worst. I look at my phone it's around the time I need to be heading home. "We gotta go." He wraps me in his arms and I lay there listening to his heart beat. 5 minutes later he lets me go and we go to the car.

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