Harmonie's Testimony


7. Since Then

I still never figured out what was going on between Omar and Deante. Truth be told I don't even know what happened after I left the room. I just knew that it had to be quite serious if guns were involved. I also wanted to know how my mother knew him. Later that night Ray'shawn called. "What's up little mama?" "Hey." "How are you and Gerome?" "We broke up." "Dang I'm sorry." "For what did you break us up?" "No but you gotta slick mouth." "Yes but are you going to change that?" "Go on a date with me and I just might." "Wow, your game is a lot smoother than I suspected it to be." "So are you going to accept my invitation?" "Yes, when, where, and what time?" "Olive Garden, Saturday night, I will be there at 8:00pm to pick you up." "Ok, see you soon." "Bye beautiful." "Bye Ray'shawn." Why shouldn't I go on a date after everything I have been through lately a date should be quite relaxing. I'm almost ready for my evening with Ray'shawn .I have on some blue jean shorts, a yellow tank with a blue sweater to go over it. Now all I have to do is put on my sandals. A knock on the door makes me nervous but I become bubbly inside when I hear Ray'shawn's voice. I turn to walk out the bathroom, my cell phone rings. "Hello?" "Hey baby?" "Don't call me that Gerome!" "Whoa just chill.""I'm not hyper,look I'm about to go on a date, so let me call you back later." "A date! With who?" "I don't have to answer you, we are not together." "The hell if you don't." "Look I'll talk to you later." "Let me catch that nigga on the streets." "Bye." And I hang up the phone. I don't have time for his bullish tonight, here I am going on a date to relax and he's trying to rile me all up. I don't understand him. It's ok for him to cheat but we break up and I still can't see anyone else but him? Bye!"

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