Harmonie's Testimony


3. Overrated

It's one o'clock in the morning, I wake up to a loud rambling in front of my door. When I look up a smell of weed and whiskey hit my nose rudely. My door opens and it's Deante. He walks up to me, "Harmonie, I love you so much." I sit up an see the butt hole is drunk. "I love you too." I lie. "How much do you love me?" "I don't know." He slams my shoulder down on the bed. "Show me how much you love me." I start to worry, because I'm not really sure of his intentions, but I know that they are not headed in a good direction. He gets on top of me snagging at my tank top. I grab my shirt to prevent my boobs from falling out. He grabs my shorts snatching them off and ripping my panties apart. I open my mouth to scream for my older brothers,Jacob and Jashawn. He grips my throat, "Scream and I'll kill all of you guys. I see that he means every word he says,so I close my mouth. He kisses me,"you're going to give me what your mother won't." He kisses my chest and holds my arms down. His tongue slips into me, as I squirm uncontrollably. His grip tightens and he moves his mouth as if I'm food. He leans up to undo his pants and I fall out the bed trying to make a run for it. He takes hold of my ankles and yanks me back, with my stomach and arms hanging off the bed he stinks it in. I shriek in tears. He strokes slowly while vigorously grabbing my butt. "Yes baby girl enjoy it." But the truth is I'm not enjoying it! The little girl in me becomes unclear almost vanishes, he's taking away my innocence. "I'm dizzy" I whine. He lets go of my legs long enough for me to crawl to the door. Just before I reach the door he reinserts himself in me. I fall helplessly as he continues to destroy what innocence I do have. I glance back and it's blood all over the floor. My whole lower body aches, I can feel my pulse rush through my head and my chest. "We are almost done baby girl." I cry even more inside. "Open your mouth." I shake my head as if to say heck no. He grabs my nose and closes it, to weak to fight back I open my mouth to breath. He slides himself between my lips and is bite down hard. He slaps me so crucially my nose starts to bleed. "Don't do that shit again." This time I try to move away but the lower part of my body hurts so bad I can barely move at all. He slides back and forth in my throat until I choked. "Oh oo not to fast girl." When he finally finished I was still laying on the floor. My cell phone rang, he turned around and said,"If you tell anyone I'll kill you." He kisses my cheek and exits my room. I laid there in the dark, drenched in tears,sweat, and blood. I felt disgusting. I couldn't shower, I couldn't get in my bed, I couldn't call for help, and I couldn't function. All I could do was lay there and think and cry.

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