Harmonie's Testimony


8. My Date

I walk in the living room to see my date. Dang he gets even more sexier every time I see him. He open his arms to embrace a hug; I run to him like a little girl seeing her daddy for the first time in a long time. "You ready beautiful?" "Yes I am." We arrive at Olive Garden, in the waiting room we talk about school, hobbies, and clothes. Finally our table was ready. He pulls my chair out for me. "Keyshia how long have you and Gerome been dating?" "We were together for 6 years." "Why did you guys break up?" "He cheated on me 3 times." Tears form in my eyes. "The first time I forgave him,the second timeI was really confused, but this time he got another girl pregant. I had to break it off." "I'm sorry you had to go through that." "It's cool we are still friends." "Oh,that's great." I'm not sure if that was sincere or sarcasm. I ordered my food and than he. So polite, he's such a gentleman. Meanwhile until our food arrived,we are chowing down on some bread sticks and yummy salad. "So, why are you single?" "Well my girls name was Tykeshia. She was my life, she was my world. She carried my child." He spoke with such firmness, such authority, with so much love. "But she passed away while giving birth to my child who passed away soon after." I almost cried. Here is this strong man whose hurting just as bad as I am. My heart softened up and Keyshia grew more into Harmonie. "Is your real name Keyshia?" "No, that's my middle name, but it's more hard core for the streets." "What's a pretty little girl like you doing on the streets anyway?" "Hustling just like everyone else, why were you buying from me?" "Because you were selling.""How old are you?" "I'm 19." "Why did you decide to take me out?" "Because I liked your style." "Liked?" "Something about you had changed." "Like what?" "I don't know.""Oh,ok." "Your very pretty though." "Thanks, what's the name of your child?" "Her name was Sa'riaya." "Oh my that's so beautiful." Our food arrives and we chow down on this lovely dinner. He pays for our meal and we leave. "Do you want to go home right now?" "No, are you trying to get rid of me?" "No, but do you want to go walk around somewhere?" "Let's go to the beach. Then I have this nice spot we can chill at." "Great let's go." We walked around the beach. The sand in my toes,water on my nose, and the wind flowing throughout my hair. He grabs my waist clinging to me tightly, sending a signal to everyone on the beach that, this is my girl. I did not belong to him. Truthfully I still belonged to Gerome but I did enjoy being Ray'shawns for a while. I fall lovingly into his arms. Something in my head tells me to look left. I listen to the voice. When I turn my head Gerome and his crew: Jarret, O'neil, and Tre'von are standing on the beach. Jarret whispers something to Gerome. He turns his head super fast and here they come rushing over my way.

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