Harmonie's Testimony


5. Making up

I spent two days in the hospital, it was boring and ruff. I had to much time on my hands, to much time to think. Besides the fact that I broke it off with Gerome, he was still there by my side. I don't doubt that he cares about me but he has lousy way of showing. When I got home, I invited Gerome over. "Hey can you come over and chill with me, my mother said its cool." "Alright I'm on my way." As soon as he arrived I told him about Deante and that night. "I'll kill that bitch!" I hushed him. "Gerome be quiet." His anger turned me on and I kissed him. He was so confused yet again. I knew that he truly loved me. I started crying and he kissed me. Truth was my heart belonged to him. I didn't want to start over, I just wanted him to do right by me. Making out with him was hard at first, but soon became easy. I felt like it was right and that night I gave him my virginity willingly.(I still considered my self a virgin despite what happen with Deante.) My oldest brother entered my room the next morning to find Gerome and I, cuddled up naked. "What the hell is this?" I wake up, "Jashawn get out!" "Hell no, your 17, Gerome you gotta get out." My mother walks in and by now Gerome is waking up. "What is all this fuss?" He looks at Gerome and I ?" "I came to ask where my hoody was ma." I pointed to the closet. "Harmonie, it's nice to see that you two have made up. But you could have accomplished that at his house." "I'm sorry mama and yes we used protection." She nodded her head in approval. "Get dressed an fix breakfast for him." To be honest my mother loves Gerome more than I do. She has loved him since the first day she met him. Jashawn walks out my room knowing he had no room to talk after all the times my mother caught him having sex and didn't flip out. Gerome wakes all the way up and kisses me. I inform him on what just happened and he says "now I know he wasn't tripping on me forreal?" "Yes he was but my mother was cool about it." He kisses me, so soft I fall into a sexual daze for a split moment. He crawls on top me, with my hands resting on his braids he gently slides in. Instead of my kitty screaming she purrs quietly. Looking into my eyes he grinds slowly and I moan sexily. He leans down and kisses my neck. My body gives in to his,every pain I once felt is released. He continues and my nails start to carve in his back. "God, mama your so thick."he whispers. I want to speak back but his strokes have me speechless. He puts my hands up on my head board and he speeds up. I open my legs wider letting his body give me a ride to ecstasy. His delight comes a little after and he says "you got me drowning in your ocean but I want more love from your deep sea." I kiss him ending our morning session and put on his shirt and some shorts so I can feed to rumbling tummies. Will I take him back, have I already taken him back? Or is this what people call break-up sex? I plan on taking him breakfast in bed. As I walk to the room the doorbell rings and I answer.

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