Harmonie's Testimony


6. Intruder

It was a man with a gun to my head. I scream in terror. I start to back up and he moves forward "where is Deante?" I shrug my shoulders not understanding why I'm saving my rapists life? Did he really mean something to me? Was I scared of what might happen if I snitched? I didn't dare look into the man's cold hearted eyes or scream again. His dark brown skin made me nervous and shiver as he asked me again. "Where the hell is Deante?" Gerome walks out and draws his gun from behind his back. Just then this man draws another gun and cocks it for Gerome. "If you cock that gun young man I'll shoot her just for fun." His eyes water, while I burst out in tears. My brother Jacob walks out and draws his gun as he calls Jashawn for backup. Jashawn walks out with his gun and my mom rushes in behind him, with a shot gun. I think to myself, "Am I the only one in this house who is not loaded?" The mans attention shifts from me to my mother in a matter of seconds. "Twyla?" "Omar?" I look at her like you know this nigga? "Put the gun down fool!" "Where that bitch ass nigga?" "He's not here, just put the gun down that's my child not his." He lowers the gun and I run almost crawling to Gerome. He holds me, with eyes still glazed as one tears rolls down the side of his face. I get our food and walk back to the room with Gerome hand in hand.

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