Harmonie's Testimony


2. House Drama

I pull up at my house to see my mother sitting on the porch in her work clothes. On her face she wore a new but all to familiar accessory. My mother had a black eye, with a failed attempt to cover it up, I saw the circle damaging her beautiful face. Enraged, I storm in the house not thinking clearly, I rush right up to my step father Deante and punch him in the eye,cutting his eyebrow with my ring. "How do you like it you bastard?" He swings and I duck while sending him a huge blow to the stomach. He grabs my hair and slams me on the wall. "Little girl I will kill you." I saw his face fill with unexplainable fury and then I felt something that I haven't felt in a man before, fear. He slowly released my hair, shoving me to the ground. I scrambled to my feet looking at the blackness of his eye, that I had created and did so with fury and pride. I hear my mother's car start and I finally regain my balance to go take a shower. After I shower my phone rings, when I glance to look at the caller ID I see it was Gerome who has called me 16 times in the last hour. I walk into my room and my step-father is there. "Harmonie, are you having sex?" "No, I'm a virgin." He grabs my arm and slams me on the closet leaving a huge bruise on my shoulder. "The streets are talking and they don't lie Harmonie Keyshia Johnson." "Sometimes just like you the streets have their facts all wrong." He punches my chest knocking most of the breath out of me. I fall frantically gasping for air. "Don't get smart with me you little slut." "It's not true!" I say in tears. "It better not be or so help me I'll do more damage than what I have already done." I text my girl Ta'lesha saying: "Girl, Deante has beaten my mother again. This time I jumped in and he abused me with no problem. I have a bruise on my side, my chest, and my shoulder. Plus I got the fighting with La'shaundra today. She's pregant by Gerome and I totally can't deal with it. It's about time I end it with him. Text me as soon as you get a chance bye girly." I turned off my light and whispered to myself, "soon his day will come because I'm still a virgin there was no reason for me to have beaten."

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