The Country Girl and The Bad Boy

Jesse is the bad boy at the school and Miami is the sweet and caring country girl, but what happens when their worlds collide? They begin hanging out and see that they're not that different from each other. *Video is Luke Bryan's 'Play It Again'*


6. Miami

Jesse and I fell asleep on the couch after watching 'The Bourne Legacy' about ten times. I briefly wake up around three in the morning to find myself wrapped up in Jesse's arms. I hear Jesse mumble my name. I must've fallen asleep again because I don't wake up until I hear Sam shout, "MIAMI DAYTONA!". Jesse let's me get up and then he kinda freaks out about Sam. I look Sam in the eyes and growl, "What?". 

"You've been hanging around him to lo-" I cut my brother off and say, "I've only hung out  with Jesse for a day.". Sam's face turns red as he tries to find something to counter with. I just keep staring at him and then I run out the door.  I can hear Jesse calling after me, but I ignore him. I can't be around anyone right now. 

Jesse catches up with me at the park and damn it he brought Sam. I look at them and don't say anything. Sam looks at the ground and says, "Miami, please.". I still don't say anything, except, "Sam just take me home.". Sam say, "Sis, I'm sorry for yelling at you back at Jesse's house. I didn't mean it, you kow I'm just trying to keep you safe. I still blame myself for Annie's death, too.". I look at Sam, confused by what he just said. Annie or Ann was Sam's twin sister and my sister too, she died in a really bad car wreck.

I nod to Sam and quickly hug him. I tell him, "It's not your fault.". He nods and then says, "Jesse, take care of my baby sister, ya here?". Jesse nods, shocked at Sam.

*Next Friday*

Jesse and I have been riding to school together for about four days. After what happened with Sam, I became more and more confused. People I used to hang out with are ignoring me, except for Tony. Mack, Daren and Dax are hanging out with Jesse more and the started to hang out with me, as well. As I said, 'People are ignoring me'. Sam and I stop by Jesse's house every afternoon to help with different things, hell even Holly has taken a liking to me.

I set on the couch with Holly sitting beside me, watchingSpongebob, when Sam walks in the door with a huge grin on his face. Jesse walks in from the kitchen and asks, "What's going on, Sam?".

"Oh, nothing much, except for the fact that I just entered Miami in a barrel racing competition this coming Sunday.". I whip my head around and nearly shriek, "YOU DID WHAT, SAMMY!". Sam smiles at me again and says, "I remembered that when you were little, you wanted to win a barrel race so bad you practically had me and..." ,Sam chokes back some tears,"...Annie train you.".

*Later that day*

I'm racing through barrels again for the fifthieth time when I catch my foot on one of the barrels and fall off the horse. I grunt in pain a little as I stand back up. Sam races over to me and asks if I'm okay. I nod and then look at the horse. He's running around, freaking out. I hear someone shout, "Hey-ah, Hey. Over here, come after me.". I see Jesse waving his arms and shouting at the horse trying to get it's attention. As he turns to run the horse strikes him in the shoulder.

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