The Country Girl and The Bad Boy

Jesse is the bad boy at the school and Miami is the sweet and caring country girl, but what happens when their worlds collide? They begin hanging out and see that they're not that different from each other. *Video is Luke Bryan's 'Play It Again'*


4. Miami

I set there and watched over Jesse. Most people think of him as a 'Bad Ass', 'Trouble Maker', 'No Good For Anybody (mostly girls say this)', 'The Ultimate Bad Boy' and a few others, but I think he's like me, misunderstood. Anyway I set there watching over him when he wakes up. I tell him he's fine and to take it easy. He asks me what happened and my 24 year old brother Sam walks in and says that Jesse was lucky that I was in his class. 

"Damn it, Sam. Mind your  own damn business and stay the hell outta mine." I mumble under my breath. Sam calls me by my full name, so I get angry and shout once again, "Mind your own damn business and stay the hell outta mine" and I bring up that AJ and I used to date. Sam gives me a hurt look and then storms out of the room. I set back down and cry again. Jesse sets up and swings his legs over he side of the bed.

He motions for me to sit besie him and I hesitate. He says, "I won't bite.". I nod and sit beside him. I can tell he's looking at me. He's probably wondering why I care about him or IF I care about him. He asks, "Are you okay?". I tell him, "I'm fine.". He takes one good look at me and say, "Miami, you're not fine, you're shaking like a tree.".

I stare into his green eyes and think to myself, You're cute, Jesse Fox. Has anyone told you that? Dr. Sabre walks in and says, "Jesse, you can go home now, there's no reason to keep you any further.". Dr. Sabre hands Jesse the discharge papers and he signs them. I grab a set of keys from my pocket and say, "Sam gave me these after the hospital gave them to him. So I caught a ride back to school and Mustang's sitting out in the parking lot, but Sam made me agree that if you woke you I'd drive you home.".

Jesse nods and says, "That's fine, Miami. I don't mind, but between you and me, you and I are the only ones to actually drive it, 'kay?". I nod and we both head towards the car. I slide in the driver's seat and he slides in the passenger seat. I start the car and then automatically the radio turns on and 'Voodoo' by Godsmack begins playing and I sing the beginning chorus, "I'm not the one who's so far away,When I feel the snake bite enter my veins, Never did I wanna be here again, and I don't remember why I came.".

"You know that song?". I look at Jesse as if I had been caught doing something I shouldn't do. He cracks a coyote grin and then says, "I promise I won't tell anyone I heard the Country Girl sing a rock song and/or cry her eyes out. Deal?". I nod. I drive in silence as he gives me directions to his house. Once there I see that it's a smallish two story house, with a fenced in yard and one of those cheap metal wall pools.

I hear, "Big Brother, your back, Mommy was worried." and then barely see a three year old trying to open Jesse's door. Jesse smiles at the little girl and says, "Holly, go inside and tell Mom I'm back, also tell her I brought a friend with me, and that I'm fine.". Holly nods and then runs back into the house. Jesse gets out and walks to my side. He opens the door and asks, "Do you wanna come in?".

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