The Country Girl and The Bad Boy

Jesse is the bad boy at the school and Miami is the sweet and caring country girl, but what happens when their worlds collide? They begin hanging out and see that they're not that different from each other. *Video is Luke Bryan's 'Play It Again'*


2. Miami

I walked into the school and then out to cafeteria door to the English pod. As I'm walking I bump into one of the 'Bad Boys'. I kneel down to grab my stuff, and so does he. As we both grab for my Ford pencil bag I feel a spark between us. I mutter, "Damn it, I'm a klutz.". After he helps me I holler at Tony to hold her damn horses and wait for me. I look back quick enough and see that guy talking to Mack. I hear Mack say, "Nice job, Jesse.".

So his name is Jesse, intresting, then I see Daren and Dax walk over to them.Dax says something and Jesse's mood instantly changes. I see Mack shouting at Dax and Jesse walking this way, so I hurry to Ms. Knight's room and take my seat next to Tony.

"Miami, you okay?". I look at Tony and say, "Yeah, T. I'm fine as a fiddle.". Tony laughs at my joke, which causes me to laugh. I see Jesse walk into the room and take his seat in the far back corner. He lays his head down, and immediately Ms. Knight walks over to him, her heels making the little clicking noise they always make. She asks, "Mr. Fox, do you need to go to the nurse?".

"No, Ma'am." he says, and Ms. Knight nods. Once she leaves he puts his head back down. Fearfull of Ms. Knight sending him to the nurse I get up and begin to walk over to him, but Tony grabs my forearm and says, "Miami, don't. He's one of those people who thinks they're a bad ass bad boy. If you begin  associating with him, Sam'll..." I snap at Tony, but whisper, "My brother ain't gonna do jack shit, Antonia. Now let go of my forearm and let me get my shit and switch desks, 'kay?".

Tony nods, shocked that I used her real name. I gather up my binder, pencil case and book bag and walk over to the vacant seat next to Jesse. I whisper, "Ey, you okay?". He looks up and whispers back, "What the hell do you want?". I whisper again, "I just want to help you. I know that look you have right now, I've seen it over an over  the past three years, you have a headache. I know the signs.". He huffs then says, "Yeah, I have a headache, so what.". 

"Are you sure you don't need to go the nurse?" I ask him out of concern. He nods and the gets up to go get a drink of water. As he's walking back he collapses. Everyone in our English class gasps, that is everyone but me. I run over to him, Ms. Knight on my heels, shouting, "Miami, your not trained! Miami let the nurse take care of him!".

I do something I've never done before, I cuss out a teacher, "Damn it, Ms. Knight. I am trained to do shit like this! Fuck, his pulse is super fast..." to Tony I say, "Call 911 and tell whoever answer that an off duty medic is on scene and if they ask 'Who' say, 'Miami Wolfe'.". Tony nods and I begin an assesment. About twenty minutes later my brother Sam, his girl Bianca and Bianca's brother AJ are there with a stretcher and ambulance. Sam looks at Ms. Knight and annouces to everyone, "Miami Wolfe is now an on duty medic. Please do not get in her way.".

Sam, AJ, Bianca and I load Jesse on the stretcher and take him to the ambulance where Mica, AJ's other sister, is waiting for us. I ride in the back with Sam and Bianca, while Mica and AJ are up front. The only person on my mind as I set there, because Sam told me to, is Jesse Fox.

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