The Country Girl and The Bad Boy

Jesse is the bad boy at the school and Miami is the sweet and caring country girl, but what happens when their worlds collide? They begin hanging out and see that they're not that different from each other. *Video is Luke Bryan's 'Play It Again'*


5. Jesse

I got out of the car after Holly tried and failed to open my door. I walked over to the driver's side and asked Miami, "You wanna come in?". She hesitates again, but says, "Yes, thanks for inviting me in.". We walk up to the door in silence until Holly opens the door and says, "Jesse, movie.". Miami looks at Holly and then to me.

I sigh and say, "Holly wants to watch a movie, since I'm home. Mom doesn't let her in my room when I'm gone, because I keep the good movies in there." to Holly I  say, "Holly ask Mom first.". 

Holly runs back inside as I lead Miami through the door to the small foyer. Holly runs back to us and says, "Mommy said 'Yes', but she also said, 'Let Jesse's friend pick the movie, she's our  guest'.". Miami and I nod, and then head up to my room to look at the collection of movies.

I say to Miami, "Choose anyone of them, or hell, pick a few of them.". She looks over the vast collection and immediately picks out The Bourne Legacy. I smile at her because that is one of my favorite movies.

Miami and I head back down the stair and into the living room that the big flat screen TV, and we put the  DVD in the DVD player. Miami sits on the couch, Holly sits in the floor, and I sit next to Miami. We watch the movie at least five or six more times until Mom comes in and says, "Holly, bed time.".

Holly leaps up and runs up the stairs to her room. Miami heads to the front door, but I say, "Stay here. Mom will call your brother and tell him that she said that you could stay here.". She nods and sits back down. We watch the movie again and again until we both fall asleep on the couch.  In the morning I hear someone shout, "MIAMI DAYTONA.". I feel Miami shift in my arms, so I  let her get up. I then get up and see, shit, I see Sam.

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