The Country Girl and The Bad Boy

Jesse is the bad boy at the school and Miami is the sweet and caring country girl, but what happens when their worlds collide? They begin hanging out and see that they're not that different from each other. *Video is Luke Bryan's 'Play It Again'*


3. Jesse

Miami walks over and sits in the vacant desk next to me. Why does she have to do this? I hear her ask if I'm okay. I sorta cuss her out, but she persists. She says that she's seen the signs before and I wonder have I had any past experiences like this. That's when I remember freshman year and that I had fainted from something and she was there. Anyway I was walking back to my seat after getting a drink of water, and I collapse. I hear people screaming, but one voice remains calm, Miami's.

*Skipping ambulance ride*

I woke up to the smell of antiseptic. My pulse begins to quicken, but I hear, "Easy, Jesse. You're fine.". I look to my right and see Miami. She looks like she's been through hell and back, her eyes are puffy and red from crying, but why? I sit up to find myself laying on a hospital bed, still in my clothes from earlier.

"What happened?" I ask. Someone else says, "You passed out from becoming light headed. Your lucky my sister is in your class.". I now see a guy who looks about 23 or 24 with short brown hair and grey eyes. I hear Miami mutter, "Damn it, Sam. For once can't you mind your own damn business and stay the hell outta mine?". I recognize that last bit from the Blake Shelton song, 'Kiss My Country Ass', yes I may be a 'Bad Boy' but I like that song. The Sam guy angrily asks, "What did you say, Miami Daytona?". Miami shouts this time, "Mind your own damn business and stay the hell outta mine! You were the same way when AJ and I dated!". The Sam guy huffs, then grunts and finally storms out of the room.

I can see Miami begin to cry, so I sit up and motion for her to sit next to me. She hesitates, but finally gives in. I ask her, "You okay?". She shakes her head yes, but I can tell she's lying, so I say, "You're not fine, Miami. You're shaking like a tree.".

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