The Country Girl and The Bad Boy

Jesse is the bad boy at the school and Miami is the sweet and caring country girl, but what happens when their worlds collide? They begin hanging out and see that they're not that different from each other. *Video is Luke Bryan's 'Play It Again'*


1. Jesse

I hear my alarm go off, so I hit the snooze button, but end up smashing the whole clock. I mutter, "Damn it.". I hear Mom shout, "Jesse Nicolas Fox, I heard that!". I mutter again, another cuss word, and get up. I shower and then through on a sleeveless  AC/DC hoodie, a pair of jeans ripped at the knees and my combat boots. I look in the mirror and stare at my wicked green eyes and spiked blonde hair.

I run down the stairs taking two at a time, then make my entrance to the kitchen. My three year old sister Holly says, "Jesse look funny.". I smile at her, she knows I love it when she jokes about how I look. I kneel on the floor and say, "Come here and gimme a hug, Holly. I've got to go to school.". She gently climbs down from her chair and then runs over to me.  She says with a smile, "Bye, big brother.". I smile again as I grab the keys to my 2003 Cobra Mustang. Mom shouts, "Don't forget to be here by five. Anna is coming over with Jack.". Anna is my aunt and Jack is mine and Holly's ten year old cousin.

"Okay, Ma. I'll remember.". I open the driver's door to the mustang and slide in. I put the key in the ignition and started it up. The radio came on and the song, 'Whatever' by Godsmack begins to play. I carefully back down the drive way and finally begin the thirty minute drive to school. I park the Mustang in the usual spot and head inside the school. On my way to English I acciddentally bump into one of the 'Country Girls' making her spill the stuff she had in her arms all over the floor.

Normally I wouldn't've stayed to help, but I do. As she and I reach for her...Ford? pencil bag I feel a spark. She mutters, "Damn it, I'm such a klutz.". I want to tell her that it's my fault and not her's, but I don't get the chance because one of her friends shouts, "Miami, come on, do you want to be late for English again?". The girl, Miami, shouts back, "Tony, hold your damn horses!" and then dashes towards the English pod.

I feel someone slap my back and then hear them say, "Nice work, Jesse.". I turn to see Mack, one of my country/bad ass friends. I give him my famous, Watch It! stare and he backs off. Daren and his brother Dax walk up to us and Dax asks, annoyingly, "Really, Jesse, Miami Daytona Wolfe? You decide to trip her?". I can feel anger rising, so I say through my teeth, "I'm leaving, I'll see ya at lunch, Okay?". I hear Mack yelling at Dax, "YOU FUCKING IDIOT! YOU KNOW JESSE HAS ANGER ISSUES! NOW HE'S GONNA BE PISSED OFF THE REST OF THE DAY.". And that's when the headache sets in, Not now, Oh shit, please not now! 

I walk into Ms. Knight's English class and see Miami sitting next to her friend Tony. I take my place and immediately put my head down. I hear whispering, either about me or about Ms. Knight, then I hear Ms. Knight ask, "Mr.Fox, do you need to go see the nurse?".

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