Moving On💠

Hey guys this is my first fan fic so all comments are well taken so knock yourselves out c: If you have any suggestions those will be appreciated as well:)

Yesenia is a normal girl with a normal like and girls that hate an ex boyfriend that is very jealous but all o her world will change with her bestfriend(s)


2. Chapter 2.-

Zayn's POV

Why did she stop? We are right in front of another staircase and she just...froze.

'Did you forget something downstairs' I asked her thinking she figured she forgot a book on the floor. 'Shhhhhhhhhhh' was the only thing he could get out apparently because I could nearly hear it.

Yessi's POV

'Shhhhhhhhhhh' I told him but it was too late. As soon as he said it Ali and Andrea, decided to take a break from their make out session. 'Well hello there, who are you?' Said Andre as flirty as she could. I mean for goodness sake! He boyfriend was right there!!

'Yessi, who is this?' Said Ali in that deep voice of his that made my knees tremble. 'Why does it matter?' I replied kind of defensive. 'No just asking, because you too seemed very close together right now' he seemed...jealous... Nope that can't be he has a girlfriend. 'Please don't tell me you are dating her!' Said Andrea. Seriously is she trying to flirt. 'What would be wrong with him dating me huh? You have a boyfriend honey!' I replied offended from her last comment.

'Well yes we are dating and we are very much happy thank you!' Spoke up the new kid, he grabbed my hand causing shivers to go up all of my body' oh and I'm Zayn by the way Zayn Malik' oh boy now I'm walking away Han in hand with this Zayn kid. His hand is...strong an soft. He pretty much saved my life!

We were walking towards the stairs that we came up earlier loores atrás him but...he was already looking at me. He turned away as soon as I looked I giggled and said' what?' He replied with a simple 'huh' 'I asked what' 'oh it's because you have an eyelash in your cheek' he commented looking at me now.

I tried to get the eyelash but I couldn't find it 'here let me' he came closer and raised him hand and got the eyelash with his thumb. I was going crazy we are so close.

'YESSI!' I turned it was Ali. Ugh

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