To be forgotten

You can take away my family, you can take away all my stuff and you can take away my hope. I've still given up and I want to just fall away in oblivion.


15. The lawyer

When I got back to the hospital took Matt away my wheelchair. 
"From now on, you must move your body and build up your muscles." 
I must admit I wasn't sure, but I knew it would be tough. I was ready for anything. I wanted to be healthy and I wanted to create a future with Niall. Somehow I managed to suffer through the week and I began to feel that everything had a meaning.


On Friday came suddenly Niall into my room with another guy. I was surprised and looked up at them. 
"This is Louis Tomlinson." said Niall and I were greeted at the guy. They both seemed to have a story to tell and I understood that there was a reason why Louis had come to the hospital. 
"I'm a lawyer." he said and sat down on a chair. "It's me that Niall work with and we've come a long way." 
I didn't know what that had to do with me. I swallowed and noted that Niall at least was thrilled. 
"I have a question." continued Louis. "Do you want to testify and tell your story?" 
I shook my head quickly. 
"No." I looked at Niall. You promised me not ... "
Louis laughed lightly. 
"No, I'm not going to take you to court."
I wasn't sure, 
"How do you mean?" 
Louis smiled and leaned slightly toward me. He smiled wide and raised her eyebrows. 
"I want to shoot you and ask questions., It's simple and you can get the questions in advance, so you know what to say." 
I frowned. 
"And why?" 
Louis gave Niall a quick glance and then looked at me again. 
"Because I intend to do it with everyone. I want to get everyone's words on tape and I want to then cut together what's relevant. This is about the truth must come out."


When Louis had gone Niall looked pleadingly at me. 
"Please, darling. It's only about a few questions and it can help us." 
I wasn't sure I wanted and I looked at him that he did the opposite. 
"Will there be questions about my parents?" 
Niall smiled. 
"Just so the others get an idea of ​​what you needed for care before this all happen." 
I looked down at my hands. 
"Niall, you promised me once that I wouldn't testify?" 
Niall came up to the bed and sat down on the edge. He took my hand and smiled at me. 
"You wont sit in front of all the people. It will just be Louis and you in the room." 
I saw at him that it was important to him. 
"Will you also be in the room?" 
Niall nodded. 
"If that's what you want?"


Niall slept over in my room. We were as usual in bed and I heard how he fell asleep. I lay with my back to him and he had his arms around my body. I lay and thought about what I, myself, wanted to do. I understood that it was important to Louis to get my story but at the same time, I was unsure if I wanted everyone to know about it.


Eventually, I spun around and I woke Niall up. He was first appeared absent, but when he saw my face he woke up. 
I smiled at him and swallowed. 
"Okay, I set up and Louis get my story." 
Niall was startled. He looked into my eyes and he seemed at first not believe me. 
"But are you sure?" 
I nodded and kissed him. 
"I'm doing it for your sake." 
Niall smiled and he took his arms tighter around me. He lay down on top of me and he looked straight into my eyes. 
"You're just amazing."
"But you have to be with me all the time." 
Niall nodded. He caressed my face with his hand and kissed me. I felt his lips against mine and I took my arms around his shoulders. I felt his tongue began to play with mine and he groaned lightly. I already knew what he wanted to do and I quickly looked toward the door. It didn't used to get into a single person at night, but they could hear us. Niall didn't care. He pulled down my panties and his boxers. He parted quickly on my legs and it wasn't long until he penetrated.
"WE must be silent." I whispered hoarsely. Niall nodded and began to move on the hip. I felt him pretty soon, increase the pace and he did everything to not moan out loud. He kissed me again and let his tongue do the work. I took my legs around his waist and enjoyed every move he made. Niall pulled off my nightgown and he caressed my body with his hands. I felt he owned me and I gave him all my soul, for the moment.


Niall spun around so that I was lying on top of him. He grabbed my waist and held me hard. Self he brought hip rapidly up and down to me. I just needed to spread my legs, and he did all the work. I let my elbows land on each side of his head and I looked straight into his eyes. Niall smiled and his mouth was wide open. He was red in the face and I could see he loved every movement. He let a hand slide down to my most sensitive part and he started stroking me. I knew immediately that it wouldn't be needed much. I hid my face against his neck, and I bit my lip. When I come, I couldn't just be still. I rode him fast and I could feel my whole body exploded. I pressed his face hard against his neck and I moaned as quietly as I could. Niall continued to bring his cock in and out. He showed that he was close and finally exploded his body. He took his dick hard in my body and he pushed his cock deep in me. I felt he filled me and he moaned as quietly as he could.


Afterwards I lay still on top of him and I enjoyed the feeling of his body heat. Niall hugged me hard and he breathed loudly. 
"I love you so much, but promise me you wont talk to Louis just because I want to. You must understand that it's also about you." 
I raised my head and looked into his eyes. 
Niall smiled and kissed me. 
"You're the most wonderful girl there is and I still can't believe you chose me." 
I blushed and laughed quietly. 
"It's rather a miracle that you chose me?" 
Niall shook his head. 
"No, because you're all that I want."

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