To be forgotten

You can take away my family, you can take away all my stuff and you can take away my hope. I've still given up and I want to just fall away in oblivion.


8. Small progress

"You're in the hospital!" 
I felt Niall held my hand and I opened my eyes. I was sweaty and my whole body shook. He smiled at me and he made his second hand caressing my cheek. I tried to see clearly, but still, I saw my dad's dead body. I saw the little girl who had died and I saw mom burn up.
"I shouted out loud?" 
Niall smiled and shook his head. 
"They gave you a sedative before you woke up." 
I puffed out and tried to forget the dream. 
"Now what?" 
Niall pointed to the devices and I saw that I had a drip in my arm.
"You'll get help." 
I gulped and nodded a little bit. It was better than nothing. I knew I would miss Niall and I knew that I was no longer his responsibility. 


A doctor came in and he smiled at me. 
"My name is Matt and I'm in charge of you." 
Niall stood up and greeted him. Then he sat down on the chair again and held my hand. Matt looked down at some papers and he then looked at me again. 
"The bad news is that you have bad values. Your body isn't functioning normally and we see that you have osteoporosis." 
I had no idea what it meant. Matt then smiled and sat on the edge of the bed, at my feet. 
"The positive thing is that we can still save you. I will ensure that you get the help you need and we will make sure you can talk to someone."
I was surprised when Niall cleared his throat. 
"I have a proposal." he said and smiled at Matt. "I want to be the one she talks to. I have the feeling that Sandra trusts me and she wont open up to another person." 
Matt raised his eyebrows. 
"Okay?" he then looked at me. "Is that okay?" 
I just stared at Niall. Did he meant that seriously? Did he still wanted to help me? Niall saw that I was startled and he leaned slightly toward me. 
"I care about you!" he whispered. "I promised I would help you, and I never break a promise."
I just nodded and Matt laughed lightly. 
"Fine, but we still have many things that need to be corrected. Your kidneys don't work normally and I see that you have low blood counts." 
Nial was listening to Matt, but I just stared at Niall. I couldn't understand that he stayed and I realized slowly that I wouldn't lose his friendship.


A nurse woke me up in the morning and she smiled at me. She said nothing snappy, and she put a tray of food in front of me. Then she did so that I sat up and she adjusted my pillows. 
"Niall said to me that I shouldn't say anything happily." she whispered amused. "But I don't want to just be quiet." 
I got a smile and I realized that Niall certainly had put many demands on the staff. 
"He also said that we wouldn't present much food." she continued. I looked down on the tray and discovered that there wasn't much food there. But next to the plate was a banana. I smiled. 
"He really cares about you." she continued and then went to the door. She spun around and smiled at me one last time. "Enjoy your meal."


I don't know if it was the surroundings, if it was my new bed or why. I felt better, and after breakfast I had more energy in the body against before.


The doctors came in and made inquiries. Matt made ​​sure I had everything I needed and he even took a television into my room. 
"You need to be entertained." he said jokingly. "Niall will come and visit you soon." 
I was startled and looked up at him. Matt laughed a little bit. 
"He has started something big. Everybody wants to hear about how many of the patients was beaten and he has contacted a lawyer." 
I had no idea what it meant. 
"So he wants to protect me?" 
Matt nodded. 
"You and all the others."


My life went on to be exciting. I found a movie on the TV and immediately I found myself in the middle of the action. I had no idea of ​​the time and I was completely inside the plot. I was startled when the door opened and Niall put in his head. 
I smiled at him. 
Niall laughed and stepped into my room. He closed the door and just stared at me. 
"Did you know you've got more color in your face?" 
I swallowed. I didn't know about that and I blushed. 
"No, I didn't know."
Niall gave the television a quick glance and then he came over to the bed. He sat down on the chair and looked at me closely. I took up the TV control and switched it off. 
"No!" exclaimed Niall directly. "You get to see on the television, even when I'm here!" 
I blushed and looked down at my hands. 
"They said you have started something big?" 
Niall realized that I knew the truth and he hesitated. 
"I can tell you about that  another time?" he whispered uncertainly. "I don't want to talk about it now."
He took my hand and looked at me. It was as if he liked that I had already made ​​progress and he didn't want to release me with his eyes. 
"Your aunt called!" 
I was startled, and met his gaze. He saw that I wasn't sure, but he continued to smile soothing. 
"She had no idea that it was so bad with you. All the doctors had said that you did all right, only they paid."
I swallowed. 
"It was she who put me there?" 
Niall nodded. 
"Little did she know that it was that bad." 
I hoped he was telling the truth. I had almost lost contact with her ​​and yet she seemed to care. At one time she had been wonderful, but after the funeral, everything changed and she slipped away.
"It seems like a lot has happened." he said kindly. "She told me about the funeral and that you gave up. You lost the spark and just fell."
I took a deep breath. I hadn't thought much about what happened and it hurt to even think about it. Niall didn't give up. He seemed to want me to open my mind, that I would feel and that I would suffer. 
"If you open up, it will hurt." he said. "But when all is out in the air and you have told me about everything, you'll feel better."
I hesitated. 
"Do I really ..." 
Niall cut me off. 
"Yes, and if you don't talk to me, they will send a new psychologist to you."
I nodded, he realized that even I understood. 
"Please don't hold it all inside." he whispered. "One day you'll be blasted by all the emotions and then I can't save you."

Matt came in and he immediately realized that he disturbed us. Niall smiled at him. 
"You can come in!" 
Matt nodded and smiled at us. 
"I just wanted to check out, what's up?" 
I still looked down on my hands and I felt again small. I knew I had to talk about everything with Niall.
"She ate food today?" I heard Niall say. "Emma said she got in breakfast?" 
Matt nodded with satisfaction. 
"It goes foreward." 
I looked up and noticed that no one was mad at me. Niall smiled and he was as wonderful as always. 
"It was okay..." I whispered and looked at Matt. "But it's hard." 
He nodded. 
"Your stomach isn't used to food yet and it will take time. You have two years to catch up on."

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