To be forgotten

You can take away my family, you can take away all my stuff and you can take away my hope. I've still given up and I want to just fall away in oblivion.


7. Reporters

"So she talked to you?" 
Psychologist sounded suspicious and he was standing in my room. 
"Yes, and I want to continue talking to her." I heard Niall say. "I can record it all, when she speaks, and then you know what we talked about." 
He sighed. 
"But you aren't educated ..." 
Niall laughed cold. 
"In this case, it's about trust, and she trusts me."




The crack in the wall was no different and I saw that it wasn't going to change. I lifted my hand and let my finger slide over the crack. The wall was cold and I could feel how uneven the surface was. I spun around and looked towards the door. Niall hadn't shown up yet. I understood that he didn't come today, and I knew that I would be lying in bed. I wouldn't listen to any other person than him. I heard the breakfast cart came and I heard that it stopped outside my door. She came in with the tray and placed it on my desk. She said nothing this morning. She didn't even look at me and I wondered why. She just left me alone and I swallowed. Had something happened?


I heard people running down the hall and I heard voices talking angrily with each other. 
"Do not let the reporters see anything!" 
I looked towards the door and I heard people screaming higher. 
"Damn, we should have locks on all doors?"


I turned back to the wall and stared at the crack. I didn't care about what happened, and I chose instead to stare at the wall.


I heard that some person took photos. I heard they were looking for something to catch and I heard Nialls voice. 
"Let them capture the truth!" he shouted cold and he came into my room. I turned my head and I saw that he hesitated. He stood in the doorway and looked over at my food tray. I hadn't touched anything and therefore he became angry. 
"Boy, they promised to give you food in the canteen."
Niall didn't hesitate. He came up to me and lifted me up. He put me in the wheelchair and put the blanket over my legs. Then he crouched down in front of me and looked straight into my eyes. 
"Do you trust me?" 
I swallowed. Why did he asked? Niall realized I hesitated and he smiled weakly. 
"Please trust me and what I do is for your sake." 
I nodded weakly. 
"Okay!" I whispered hoarsely. He smiled and stood up. Then he turned around toward the door and shouted for a reporter. I saw a man come in and he hesitated when he saw me. I knew it was because I was so skinny. Niall pointed at my food tray and he told the man about what he saw when he came into my room the first time. I did even find out new information. The psychologist didn't think Niall would help me, because Niall didn't have the right education. Therefore the manager had said that Niall wouldn't stay. He wasn't the right person because he cared. The psychologist didn't want to help me, because I was hopeless.


I just stared at Niall. Had he had really tried to stand up for my cause? I realized that he had done what he had threatened the manager with before. He had called the newspapers and to all who had the benefit of the information. He had seen to it, that the truth would come out. Personally, I felt that he laid down too much work on me, but at the same time I was happy.


Niall took the wheelchair and he drove me out of the room. He continued to talk with  the man and showed him around (and me) on the premises. Niall talked about everything that happened between the walls and things that I had no idea about.
"And they put on some tough straitjacket, just to avoid dealing with them. Some has been locked up in an isolation room for weeks!"


I must admit that I felt tired. There was a lot of information and I was almost going to fall asleep in the wheelchair. Nevertheless, I tried to stay awake. I didn't wanted to show strangers that I had nightmares and I didn't want to risk start screaming straight out.


I was surprised when I saw my aunt. I was startled and I saw that she came towards me. I wanted to disappear, but Niall made sure that I stayed where I was. 
"Hello?" I heard her say, and she had tears in her eyes. She looked at me and I noted that she reacted by the way I looked. "Forgive me!" 
I looked down at my hands and I felt tears pressing behind my eyes. I didn't wanted to show her my feelings and I swallowed until I had everything under control. 
"I'll take her from this place." I heard Niall say. My aunt nodded and she had nothing against it. 
"Please, don't let her die. She's the only one I have left after my sister and I can't bear to lose her." 
I balked. Did she care?
"Leave your phone number so I can call you when I have found a new hospital." 
I responded again. Should I go to another place? I saw before me another wall, another crack and I just knew that Niall wouldn't help me no more. He would only let me change the bed and he thought it would save me. I swallowed and realized that nothing had changed.


I looked down at my hands and I was shaking. I felt unsafe, but at the same time, I hoped that I would come to a good hospital. Niall took me to an ambulance and he made ​​sure I got up on the bench. He sat down beside me and I felt the car began to roll. I didn't want to fall asleep, but at the same time I was so tired. I swallowed and I was trying to keep myself awake. I heard the voices around me slowly disappeared and I felt my eyes went to be closed. I couldn't resist.


I sat in the air plane and I saw a lot of other people. I got up and started looking for my parents. I started searching and I realized that I couldn't find them. I stood in front of a flight attendant and I looked at her. 
"I'm looking for my parents." 
She snorted. 
"Sit down and take it easy."
Again panic. 
"The plane will crash!" 
"Go and sit down!" 
I became more afraid and I heard it slammed in an engine. 
"But we are going to die!" 
I saw that others reacted and I tried to get their attention. 
"We have to jump, the plane will crash!" 
No one believed in me and I saw a little girl that was holding a doll. I saw that she was scared and I realized that she too would die. I wanted to save her, but how? The entire aircraft began to fuss and I heard that some began to panic. I felt the whole plane was vibrating and I knew we were near the end. I tried to get their attention, but none saw me anymore. 
"Mom, Dad, where are you? We will die!" 
I shouted. "Please, where are my parents?"

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