To be forgotten

You can take away my family, you can take away all my stuff and you can take away my hope. I've still given up and I want to just fall away in oblivion.


1. prologue

Hello! My name is Sandra and I'm twenty years old. Once I had everything. I had friends, I had a boyfriend, I had a life and I had a family. Everything was taken away from me and everything just collapsed. It was as if I just woke up one day and discovered that everything was gone. I'm not a survivor, but I'm alive. 


"You'll be all right!" was the last mom said to me. "We'll be home in a week and then we'll take back everything we've missed." 
I hugged her and laughed. I wish I had said more to her, but just then, at that moment, it was enough with a "Well we'll see!"


Two days later, I found out what had happened. The aircraft had crashed in the Atlantic and my family never arrived. Alone, I was still there, still alive, and I didn't understand what was happening. 
"You have to arrange the funeral and we have to go through the will." 
I wanted none of it. 
"But the school, you must attend and get an education." 
I dropped out. I couldn't go to school and see all live perfect life. I couldn't deal with myself and I disappeared. I totally disappeared into myself and I wouldn't let in a single person.


"What shall we do with her? She can't even take care of herself and the house must be sold." 
I know that my aunt did my best, but not even she managed to handle me. She understood me, but she wasn't able to try.


I was sent and inscribed on the psyche. I ended up in the countryside in a big house by the sea and all said it was the right place for me. I and several other crazy young people ended up there. I don't know what they wanted me to do and I couldn't deal with myself. I didn't want to be saved, I just wanted to be forgotten.

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