To be forgotten

You can take away my family, you can take away all my stuff and you can take away my hope. I've still given up and I want to just fall away in oblivion.


16. Go home?

Louis put the camera beside the bed, on a rack and then sat down. Niall sat down by the door and gave the thumbs up. I smiled at him and then looked at Louis again. He picked up paper and sat down. 
"You were inside the house for two years? True?" 
I nodded. The first questions were general and I had to describe the reason that I was admitted. I explained that my aunt thought it would help and so on. 
"And what did the staff do to help you?" 
I thought about it. 
"They said I was a hopeless case." 
Louis smiled reassuring to me. 
"Were you aware of that?" 
I nodded. 
"They talked about it every day and they put no energy on me. I lay in bed and did nothing. I couldn't say no and I couldn't seek help."


When we finished, Louis hugged me. He showed with the whole body that he was grateful and he almost wanted to kiss me. 
"You are worth everything." he said kindly, and then looked at Niall. "I'm almost jealous of you, that you found her of all the girls." 
Niall laughed and he stood up. 
"She's mine!" 
Louis smiled and began to pack together his things. 
"I know and now I will edit it all together." 
I listened as they talked about work, and I understood that the trial would begin soon. Niall seemed to know everything and Louis told him everything.


Matt came in and he greeted at Louis. 
"So it's you who'll fight for the weak?" 
Louis nodded cheerfully. 
"It's my calling, I'll take care of the forgotten and ensures that they receive compensation." 
Matt laughed lightly and nodded. 
"I hope it will go well." 
Niall sat on the bed next to me and he took my hand. He looked at me and I saw that he was proud of me. Louis was finished and before he disappeared from the room, he thanked me again.
"Happy news!" Matt got out of himself, as soon as we were alone. "I believe that you are ready to leave us." 
Both me and Niall balked. He laughed at us. 
"I see that the two of you can handle the rest on your own." he said kindly. "I know that Sandra is going to be okay, whether she's here or at home with you Niall." 
I was almost overjoyed. 
"You mean I get to go out of here?" 
Matt nodded. 
"Pack your bags! You're going home!"


As we sat in the car it just felt surreal. It was the first time in over two years that I was truly free. I could do whatever I wanted and I had freedom. 
"I want to go to school." I said quickly and smiled at Niall. "I want to be something big and I want to be something good." 
He smiled at me. 
"I promise to help you, sweetheart." 
I giggled. 
"And I want to see the world. I want to go to other countries and I want to see other cultures." 
Niall was amused. 
"You may write a list, so that I know what I'm going to do for you?" 
I nodded and I got up so many things I had been missing. 
"I want to stand outside when it's raining and I want to feel the rain on my skin." 
Niall just laughed at me. 
"You'll get sick too?"


The first Niall did was to retrieve all things that were mine. My aunt had got my belongings in her attic and she had saved all the photos, all the movies on the family and all reminders of things. I was almost touched when Niall came home with all my boxes. I found my old grade, my old diaries and my photo albums. I started to cry when I went through it all. 
"Is it hard work honey?" 
I shook my head and smiled at him. 
"No, I'm crying because I remember." 
He sat down beside me on the floor and looked at me. 
"Can you go through everything?" 
I nodded and wiped away tears. 
"This is my background, my life., I can't turn around from my life."


I wished that I could talk to my parents. I would have told them that my life had now begun. I would achieving everything and I'd be the daughter I once was. I was happy with what I had and I wanted to show them Niall. I wanted to show them that I loved again. I wanted to show them that I could once again live and I didn't forget them.


I ran through a field, and I felt the wind through my hair. I stopped and let my face enjoying the sun's rays. I saw how oats grew and I saw how the birds flew around. I was calm throughout the body and I felt like I really was in the world. I participated. 
I spun around. I saw two people coming towards me and I saw who they were. I threw myself into their arms and I hugged them tightly. 
"Mom, dad?" 
They laughed and gave me a kiss on the forehead. 
"You'll be okay." Dad whispered tenderly. "You will solve everything." 
I cried of happiness and I nodded. 
"I miss you so much." 
Mom smiled and ran her hand through my hair. 
"You must live a little longer and we will meet you one day, but not now." 
I nodded. 
"I know!"
I didn't want to let them go, but I saw that they couldn't stay. 
"Am I going to do it without you two?" 
Mom nodded and she smiled like that, as mothers smiling at her daughters, when she's proud. 
"Yes, you will do well." 
"Will I be seeing you again?" 
Dad hugged me one last time and he nodded at me. 
"Yes, but take care of yourself and don't cry over what has happened."

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