The Burlesque Doll

Growing up, Louis saw many women go in and out if his parent’s bedroom. He didn't have many friends to talk to about the abuse his stepfather 'graced' upon him whenever he threatened to tell his mother about her husband’s deceit. All he had was his sister's doll, Tristan. She was a mixed up, a manufacturing error. She was supposed to be one of the Barbie princesses, but they read her outfit wrong and gave her what seemed to be a hooker-ish attire. His mother loved anything that those so called 'perfect' people did wrong and bought it for her daughter. One night during a storm, he took it from her and never gave it back because to him.... she was real. To him, she could talk and she helped him through tough times. He believed she was meant for him and that they will be together. What happens when Louis, the CEO of Tomlinson Enterprises, stumbles into a Neo-Burlesque club, and see a showgirl on stage named Tristan?


2. Chapter Two: Don’t Be Afraid

I woke up in the backseat of- what I think is an Audi R8- delirious and handcuffed to a door handle. My kidnapper was in the driver's seat, but shifted his gaze to me upon hearing me movement.


"Hey,  sleepyhead." He said casually, causing me to wonder if he regularly snatched people and acted as if he didn't.


"What's up?" I replied, trying not to seem scared.


"Nothing much. I honestly didn't believe Jack when he said you can smell food from miles away. I stopped at McDonald's about ten minutes ago and got you some chips. I hope they're still good." He said, smiling at me through the rear view mirror.


"I would eat them, but the last time I ate food from a stranger, it was drugged and I ended up seeing triple and tripping down the stairs. By the way,  you would happen to know anything about that, would you?" I piece together.


"No,  I wouldn't." He said, slightly annoyed.




"Oh,  well. What's your name? " I ask, trying to remain calm and keep my mind off the handcuffs.


"As if you don't know." He smirked, doing something weird with his eye at me.


"Is there something in your eye? Pull over and I can blow in it. Will that help?" I ask generously.


"There is nothing in my eye, baby." He said, chuckling at me.


"Oh." I blush.


"Haha. Well we're here!" He shouted, turning off the car and and getting out to assist me.


He walked to the side opposite of mine and opened the door. Reaching over me, he unhandcuffed me and sat down beside me.


"Welcome back, love." He whispered, pushing my hair behind my ear as I rubbed my bruised wrist.


I sat on the couch watching TV and secretly eyeing the front door out of the corner of my eye. The mysterious man who kidnapped me sat beside me, stroking my thigh in admiration.  I'd move it, but seeing as I was popped the first three times I tried, I didn't feel like being yelled at.


Mid-stroke, he muted the TV and turned his body to face me and smiled.


"I so glad I found you. I thought I lost you during the move here. I never want you to ever go running off like that again. Do you understand?" He said sternly.


“Yes, Mother dearest. Now, are you gonna tell me your name or what?” I said sarcastically and quite irritably.


“Princess! I don’t know why you’re being so hostile! I know a sort of misplaced you, but I didn’t mean to. I’m so sorry! It’s only been a couple months, don't act like you forgot about me."


This guy actually thinks I'm joking about not knowing him.


"I'm not acting. " I say monotonously.


"What is wrong with y-- Ohhhhh!" He said, resembling a reaction to a scientific breakthrough.








"You 'forgot'! Right! Well, please allow me to help you remember." He said, pinning me back and kissing me harshly.  He shoved his hands underneath my shirt, trying to unclasp my bra. I tried pushing him away, but one of his hands seized both of mine, the other fondling my right breast. I began to whimper as he left kisses down my neck, causing him to pull away noticing my unshed tears.


"Hey, hey, hey!  What's wrong, baby doll? You normally like it when I kiss your neck." He asked, quite confused.


"Please, no!" I cried, trying to scoot away from him to no avail, as I was already against the arm of the couch.


"Tristan, calm down!  Everything's alright. Okay?" He said, scooting closer and trying to comfort, looking at me cautiously, as if I might explode.


Uhm..... excuse me? You try being kidnapped by some weirdo and forcefully smooched (potentially raped). Then, you'll understand.


"Stay away from me!" I screeched, jumping up and running up the stairs, him following.


Okay, so maybe running upstairs isn't a good idea, but he would caught me if I went to the front door.


I ran to a random room and tried to shut it behind me, but he shoved his way in, causing me to fall.


"Tristan! You will stop this nonsense at once and be good doll! Do you understand?" He fumed, towering over my figure.


"Please! Stop!" I whispered, curling up in a ball.


His furious demeanor fell upon the words and he kneeled and said, "Hey,  it's just me, Louis, baby doll. Don't be afraid."


Don't be afraid....


Don't be afraid....


Don't be afraid....

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