The Burlesque Doll

Growing up, Louis saw many women go in and out if his parent’s bedroom. He didn't have many friends to talk to about the abuse his stepfather 'graced' upon him whenever he threatened to tell his mother about her husband’s deceit. All he had was his sister's doll, Tristan. She was a mixed up, a manufacturing error. She was supposed to be one of the Barbie princesses, but they read her outfit wrong and gave her what seemed to be a hooker-ish attire. His mother loved anything that those so called 'perfect' people did wrong and bought it for her daughter. One night during a storm, he took it from her and never gave it back because to him.... she was real. To him, she could talk and she helped him through tough times. He believed she was meant for him and that they will be together. What happens when Louis, the CEO of Tomlinson Enterprises, stumbles into a Neo-Burlesque club, and see a showgirl on stage named Tristan?


1. Chapter One: Never Eat Chocolates From A Secret Admirer

“Ooh, oh yeah-yeah


Oooh yeah-yeah


I need a tough lover, yeah-yeah-yeah


I need a, a tough lover, woo


I need a, a tough lover, yeah-yeah-yeah


A tough lover, ooh yeah


When he kisses me, I get that thrill


When he do the wiggle I won't keep still


I wanna a tough lover, yeah-yeah


A tough lover, woo


I need a tough lover, yeah-yeah


Tough lover, hum-hum.” I sang, my voice filling the room. I strutted through the scattered tables, heels clacking as I performed the memorized steps.


I stopped on one particular man, his piercing cerulean eyes staring into my core. I gathered myself and calmly tousled his hair and continued my footing.


As I came to the last note, claps circled around and I bowed as the curtain closed. I walked off the stage and was greeted by Tess, the owner of Burlesque or “BurTessque” as we call it.


“Great job, Tris. You were wonderful. Now, go get changed for the next number.” she praised.


“Yes ma’am.” I say, turning to the dressing room.


“Tristan?” she called.


“Hmm?” I question, turning my head towards her.


“Don’t ever call me ‘ma’am’ again.”


I look at her and smile before going to get ready.


“Ooh, someone’s got a gift.” Sean giggled, walking over to me. I place my make up down and turn to him.


“What are you talking about?” I question.


He said nothing, plopping the huge basket of chocolates on my vanity.


“What did you do?” I ask, eyeing it cautiously.


“Nothing. The delivery guy just dropped it off.” he told me.


“Who’s it from?” Coco asked.


“Who’s got the hot’s for you?” Georgia cooed.


“Who’s dumb enough to be interested in you?” Nikki snided, bitterly.


“Oh, go whore around somewhere else Nik.” Coco defended, causing Nikki to huff and stomp off.


“Well the card said it’s from my secret admirer and that we’ll be meeting soon, so I should enjoy the treats until then.” I conclude.


“Ooh.” Georgia joked.


“Oh, hush.” I tell her.


“Girls, finish getting ready. My darling little Atristocat, put way the sweets and let’s go!” Tess ordered, as I bit in to one.


It tasted a bit weird, but that might be because it’s imported chocolates.



As I packed my things, I can’t help but think about that man. His eyes were so beautiful yet mysterious. He had this sense of confidence about him. I hadn’t seen him here before and the sinister look on his face scared me.


I stumbled down the steps and towards Jack, who was finishing up behind the bar, my vision slightly blurred.


“Now that’s what I like to see: a guy cleaning. That’s it scrub those glasses! Nothing turns me on more than guy doing ‘women’s work’. Ooh baby, don’t miss that spot right there.” I joke, patting his nose.


“Is that so? ‘Cause Natalie might get mad if she found out I was cleaning other people’s dishes.” he played along, his face gleaming upon speaking of his fiance.


“Whatever. Are you almost done?” I ask him impatiently, my feet hurting from the long hours of having to parade in heels all night.


“Um… you might wanna head on home because I have to do inventory and that always takes forever, so I’ll lock up over here.” he informs me.


I nod and blink at him trying to rid myself of the fuzziness around him and say “Good night.” before kissing his cheek and leaving.


I know this may seem weird, so let me explain.


Jack has a fiance named Natalie. Natalie is in New York for a play while Jack is in L.A. as a bartender. Natalie’s play got extended for a couple more months and he needed help paying rent and that’s where I come in. I pay half the rent and I get the bedroom. Natalie knows and is fine with it because she trusts Jack and I. I’ve been apartment searching because I know that when she comes back, I have to go.


I walk to my car, which is parked in the secluded part of the parking lot, so it won’t get scratched and unlock my trunk after three tries. I place my bag in it and shut it, gasping in shock as I see a figure by the passenger side. I breathe out upon seeing the man from earlier.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare ya’.” he apologized, his British accent catching me by surprise.


“It’s fine. Did you need something?” I ask warily.


“I saw you walking weirdly and wanted to make sure you were fine.” he said, smiling at me.


“Yeah, I’m just tired is all.” I tell him.


“I would be too, if I had to dance in heels for hours with small breaks, I mean.”


“Yeah, well. See ya.” I say awkwardly, turning around to get in the car. I guess he had other plans because he grabbed me from behind and injected me with a needle, causing me to lose consciousness, but not before hearing him say, “That’s it, doll.”

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