Breathe (Sequel: Paid Love)

*Sequel to Paid Love* "Was I dreaming?" "Was this real?" "Where am I..." "Is he still alive."


2. Chapter 2

  "Make sure you call the number, alright? Therapy might be good for you and your mom to get through what happened. If you have any questions just call my office. Have a nice day okay?," the doctor handed me a card with a number on it and waved goodbye before turning around leaving me to stand there with messy hair, baggy clothes, and bags under my eyes. I stayed in the hospital for only a night because nothing was wrong with me but they made sure I was going to be okay. 

  "I think therapy will actually help. I think you should try it Abby," my mom mumbled on and on as we walked to her car. I really didn't care all I cared about was to find Harry. I was so confused as if what I saw was real or fake. It doesn't make sense, at all! As I sat down in the car and buckled up my mom handed me her little track phone she keeps in the car just incase there are any problems or emergencies. "Text him." I didn't say anything I just stared down at the phone blankly. As I realized that I had the chance to finally try and see if he was still alive. I slowly dialed his number and rose the phone to my ear, only to hear the continuing "connecting beep". Then I heard a click...

  "Hello?-," a voice said.

  "Hello! Harry! Is that you! Oh my god, what happened-"

  "This is Harry's phone please leave a message after this message is over," I could tell Harry had recorded it himself because if he was smart he'd know it goes 'leave a message after the beep'. But he didn't answer... 

  "Mom," I said as she drove away from the hospital.

  "Yes sweetie?"

  "Can we like stop over at his house? Please." I stared down at the phone as the time of the call counted up. I could tell she was staring at me, looking how terrible I looked.

  "I don't think that would be a good idea, hun."

  "Please can we just go. Or me, I don't care. I'll walk." 

  "No I'm sorry but I don't think it's good for you to go over there right after you had this imagination dream. If you see him it probably will make you worse instead of better." 

  "Mom! I'm not a child anymore! I'll be fine, I can do it myself!-"

  "Abby!," she yelled over top of me. "I said no. And no means no." 

  How can this get any worse? I must go back to school sometime this week, go to therapy, deal with my moms bullshit. Sometimes I wish I could just run away...

- - - 

  "Abby were home," my mom shook my shoulder waking me up from my little car ride nap. I didn't speak to her I just unbuckled myself and dragged myself to the house and waited for my mom to come up and unlock the door. Straight away I ran to my room, closing the door and locking it. Somehow my phone was under my pillow and I don't even know how. I clicked it on and my screen was infested with feed. 

  13 missed calls

  37 new text messages

 I opened each and every text message but they weren't from Harry. All of them, every single one was from Jessica. Some saying, "Hi" "What's up?" "Hello?". But then she brought up the baby thing with Louis.

  "Oh my god where are you?! I need you right now..."

  "I'm not prego thank god! But where are you? I'm sorry"

  "Are you okay?" 

  "Fine whatever..."

  "I miss you! Txt me please!" 

 I never replied to any of them but all of the missed calls were also from her. None not 1 from Harry. I laid down on my pillow and put my phone on my chest, closing my eyes taking a deep breathe.

  The only thing I can do now is wait and breathe.

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