Breathe (Sequel: Paid Love)

*Sequel to Paid Love* "Was I dreaming?" "Was this real?" "Where am I..." "Is he still alive."


1. Chapter 1

  Sirens hit my ears, blackness still apon my eyes. I couldn't see anything. "Abby!," I heard a voice cry, again and again. Then it went silent, no sound no sirens no noise.

- - - 

  "Is she going to be okay?"

  "Well it seems she hurt herself pretty bad. We got a call about someone by the name of Harry getting fought by another group of boys at the local park but we found no one. So we tracked the number and found her lying on the ground unresponsive."

  "When can she come back home?"

  "It matters on how she feels when she wakes up, she might stay in for a couple days but no more than a week, okay?" 

  "Thank you, Mrs um-"

  "Bompay, and your welcome. I'll be back in a hour or so to see if she is a wake." I could barely hear a click from what seemed a door. My eyes flickered open and shut, exposing me to the brightness of light that shined from the ceiling. 

  "Abby?," Someone on the other side of me spoke. I quickly shot up sitting up examining where I was and looked straight to my left to meet eyes with my mom. 

  "Mom? Where's Harry. Where am I? I thought- did they get Niall! How'd you find me? Are-," her face became confused and she put her hands on my shoulders to calm me down. 

  "Wait, wait, wait, wait! Calm down. I don't know where Harry is, your in the hospital, what do you mean about Niall? Who's Niall? And I came home early because Grandma was alright, and I got a call on the road saying you were making a false call to 911 till they found you at our house which is where we found you."

  "No, no, no! Harry is he alive? Is he! I left him mom," I started to cry. "He's dead, he told me! His ghost, he said he can't love me! He's gone! It's my fault!" She rubbed my shoulders and told me to calm down. She doesn't know what happened! She knows nothing!

  "Abby, they didn't find anyone at the park. No one was there no trace of anyone, no Harry or these other boys you called about." 

  "Huh?," I said confused. "No! I went to the park, and-and they- Niall were there and so was Harry and," I cried more. "They beat him! I ran, leaving him! Niall- Niall he took me someplace that was cold and I was alone! Naked, I was naked mom! They left me there, but- he touched me. Then he left again, thats when Harry came! Harry said he couldn't love me! He was covered in bruises and blood-," I couldn't continue, I was almost chocking on my own saliva. I couldn't see, the tears were blurring every color. 

  "Shhh, nothing happened. Calm down please. You must have been dreaming, I'll ask the doctors to find him or something I'll find him. Just shhhh," she hugged me as tight as possible patting my hair as I wrapped myself around her. 

  "It couldn't of been a dream, it was to real. Don't you believe me? It happened! It did," I coughed a couple times. I felt sick to my stomach. He is gone, I know he is. I know what I saw! And what I saw was real. 

. . . . . . . .

  (A/N: How's it so far to start off? x I hope I have as much fun writing this one just as I did with "Paid Love" )

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