I got the idea of this story from true events about some boys that I come into my moms job. hope you like it (:


1. the beginning

well I guess I should start out by introducing myself. my name is Andrea Valencia. im 17 years old and live alone. but its really not that bad because my parents pay the bills that I cant and they live down the street from me. I cant pay some bills because of my low paying job.. a golf course. besides the amount of money I get every week, its a pretty cool job. I work inside the restaurant snack thing and its really easy. my favorite part about this job is that I get to be around food the whole time.. and there's a really hot guy who works with the golf carts named Harry. well I guess I could get started on the story so.. here it goes.. "hey little red" Harry said when he walked into the restaurant. he calls me that because I died my hair red a few weeks ago. "hello" I said from behind the counter. "tom said to go on lunch break" he informed me. "ok" I took my apron off and set it on the hook next to the paper towels. "alright, come on" Harry said while coming through the back door and by the sink. "im taking you to eat" he offered. I wanted to say yes but I don't want it to seem like I kind of expected it.. if that makes sense. "ha no thanks" I said with a little laugh. "bu- what? no. you're going to go eat with me" he said grabbing my arm out and dragging me out the back door and to the front door. we started making our way down the path that leads to the parking lot. as we were walking, two little boys with messy hair and old dirty clothes came up to us. but these weren't just any random boys. I knew them. they always come to the restaurant to buy food using the money they get from selling golf balls. they have to get money to buy food for themselves because their mother doesn't feed them. they live in a small house with ten kids and no father. I feel really bad so I don't always charge them for the whole amount of what they wanna buy. or I just pay for them. "hey steven" I told the blonde one. standing next to him was a brown haired boy but his hair was curly. "hello" he said really happy making me smile. he had to be at least 10 years old. "where are you going?" he asked me. "oh im going with a friend to eat for my lunch break.. why? whats up?" "oh nothing, me and my brother was going to get something to eat but we can wait until after you get back." I was going to tell him that I could buy him something but Harry interrupted. "you guys can come along, I don't mind" this made me smile a little. "really?" both of the boys said at the same time. "yeah come on." we all piled into Harrys range rover. I always wondered how he can afford a car like this with a job like that. after 10 minutes of driving, we got to mcdonalds and put in our order. the boys seemed really resistant at first but I told them not to worry. we sat in the parking lot and ate in the car. "so.. what do you guys like to do for fun?" I asked trying to make conversation. "uhh I don't know.. I guess write songs" steven said. I was going to say something but Harrys gigantic hand come out of no where and high fives him. "me to" he says. and he sings really good. I always listen to him when my shift is over and hes cleaning the carts. I could listen to him sing forever. "what else do you do for fun?" Joseph, the brown headed boy asked Harry. "hang with the women" he said all seductively with a wink towards me. I just rolled my eyes and laughed along with the boys. we got back to the golf course and the boys said thank you and left. as for me, Madison came in for her shift so I decided to go hang out with Chris and Harry in the office. "hey" I said walking over to the food that Chris keeps behind the counter. I grabbed a beef jerkey stick and leaned on the counter facing him and Harry. "wanna take the golf carts for a spin?" Harry asked with an exited face. "sure" I said then followed him out the door. "great, just leave me here. its ok. you two love birds have your fun" Chris yelled from inside. me and Harry smiled and shook our heads and walked over to the carts. "get in my cart" Harry said and I sat next to him. we started driving out to the hills of the golf course and he kept his hand on my knee the whole time which made my stomach tingle. I just sat back the whole time and enjoyed the view. well all until harry stopped by a pond. "why did we stop?" I asked. "I don't know, just to lay down on the grass and enjoy the sunset." "but Harry, the sun will start setting in like an hour." "I know, that'll give us enough time to talk.. stay in the cart" he got out of the cart and walked over to my side. then he pretended to open a door. "m' lady" he said smiling with his teeth and held out his hand for me to grab. "you're so cheesy" I said grabbing his hand and stepping out of the car even though it wasn't even high off the ground. (I know this part of the story sounds really cheesy and stupid but just hang in there) a/n: well, that was my first chapter of this story and im pretty sure this will be the story im going to most likely finish. tell me wot ye think (say that part like Zayn" in the comment section.
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