Love triangle

about to girls who fight over one boy


4. Morning

Isabelle's pov

I woke up next to Rey he was soo cute when he's asleep I said to myself.  

Then he started to wake up soo I jumped up out of the bed and went downstairs and hid from him.

He ran downstairs and started saying funny stuff that made me start too laugh then he found me and tried to get me but I ran away.

After about five long minuets he caught me and started to tickle me and I hate being tickled I laughed my head off.


Rey's pov 

She was laughing soo hard it was funny and she had a special laugh.

The cutest one I've ever heard then I stopped and she kicked me where the sun does not shine and I fell to my knees.

She sat on the couch and started to watch some telly she was watching SpongeBob SquarePants.

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