Love triangle

about to girls who fight over one boy


1. Frenzy

Isabelle's pov

I was in the cafeteria it sounded like a frenzy in that place.

I looked to my right and saw my too best friends Mckynli and Gabriel they were hold hands of course cause they were dating.

I walked over too them and said hi they said hi back.

All three of us got or lunch and sat were this really cute boy was sitting his name was Reynaldo but we call him Rey for short.

We sat there talked and ate are lunch then everybody became silent. 


Mckynli's pov

I whispered too Dezzie and said, "Why is everybody so quiet."

She whispered back and said, "I don't know ask Gabe."

I asked Gabe and he said, "I think  its a lockdown."


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