Love triangle

about to girls who fight over one boy


3. Bus ride home

Isabelle's pov

When we got on the bus me and Rey sat together then Mikkie and Gabe sat together I called my mom and asked her if  I could go home with Rey and she said yes.

 So I got off with Rey and we walked in I asked him where his parents were and he said they'll be gone for three days and I said, "cool." 

Then he cooked hotdogs and fries they were really good.


Rey's pov

She looked so beautiful sitting there after we were done eating we both washed the dishes we got into a soap and water war it was awesome.

we sat on the couch and we watched some telly and then went to my room and fell fast asleep.


Author's note


I will update really soon bye bye!!!!!!!!!!  ;) 

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