Writing To My Own Death (Ashton Irwin)

A boy named ashton Irwin struggles with normal life issues and goes through depression. He can't handle the worlds problems. *May Be Triggering* please read at your risk.


3. Chapter 3

I need more bracelets.

I don't know I guess it sucks, hiding myself from my parents. Full of shame. What have I become? The world is horrible. It sucks. I can't bare no more. I'm sad! I'm lost...

I need some one. Just someone to listen and care. I'm tired of being alone. I'm sick of being the outcast. I'm honestly just here to fill in space. I'm a waste.

Today was a sucky day my brother Harry pointed out the lines on my arms in the bathroom this morning. It was devastating. He looked at me with sad eyes. "Why?" Was all he said. I looked at him "you'll never understand the pain I go through everyday I wake up"......... I died inside.

Why don't I listen to people, why don't I just leave already?

-3/10/10 Ashton Irwin

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