Writing To My Own Death (Ashton Irwin)

A boy named ashton Irwin struggles with normal life issues and goes through depression. He can't handle the worlds problems. *May Be Triggering* please read at your risk.


17. Chapter 16

Friends? Ha there are no friends.

I've tried so many times to be there for people but I'm done. Alice a friend? No not really she wants to ruin me now. Social media is her weapon. But maybe I'm okay with it. Why? Well I don't go to school anymore and I don't leave my room. So no harm to me unless I go on my phone.

Today I lay in bed. Thinking deeply about my last days. Do I really need to accomplish anything! I mean like nobody cares for me anyways.

Sometimes I'm not sure on what to do with my life. I have nothing to love for.

I feel them.

I feel them coming.

They want me.

I can't go!

But I want to.

But I can't!

I have too....

My body calm and suddenly paralysed. The rose thorns intwined with my legs. The roses are dripping blood again from my ceiling. I think I just might paint my ceiling red. The shadows are in the corners watching me. The tree vines start to tangle me down to the bed. I'm cold. These thorns are digging deep into my skin.

I scream for help.

But it's useless no one hears me. My mouth is beginning to burn. There sewing my lips together. My eyes are turning black and hollow. I think this is it. They are taking me. My eyes shut, my body feels relaxed.

The beat of my heart is peacefully slowing down.

My eyes are being lightened with this bright light.

I am free.

I have listened to people, I have finally left......


I hope you guys have enjoyed the story.

Thanks for reading!


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