Blue Bird

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  • Published: 8 Apr 2014
  • Updated: 14 Apr 2014
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When I was told that I was Divergent, It all made sense. It opened the door to a new faction. Maybe it confused me more than it helped. Though my choice was clear, it was not made. The word "Divergent" followed me to the choosing ceremony. It follows me still. The aptitude test was supposed to place me somewhere. But now, it seems it has made me more lonely than ever.
(Word Count 2,997)


6. Trains and Compounds

It is now about 2:00am. 

I run with half of the anti-serum vials in my bag as scarlet runs with the rest of them. 


We were only able to find one vial in the Erudite compound, but since I have access to the lab, using the incredibly advanced technology in the lab, I was able to replicate it as many times as we needed in only fifty minutes. 


Scarlet runs faster than me and I struggle to keep up. We are running out in the open air and the breeze feels nice. After a month of being confined in Erudite headquarters, it feels like a need that hasn't been met. But, I have more important things to think about right now. 

"Come on Bea, the train is almost here!" She shouts from the platform. I run as fast as I can to get there. I can faintly hear the train whistling in the distance. I reach the platform gasping for air.

"Pull yourself together, Pansycake!" She shouts even though I'm standing right next to her.

"Pansycake?" I ask.

"Never mind, okay, listen to me. When I say jump you jump. Not sooner. Not later. Understand?" She explains in a demanding tone, but it's not harsh.

"Wait. We're jumping on a moving train?"   I ask. I remember this being part of the Dauntless initiation.

"Yeah. How else would we get on?" She says as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"Well can't we just go in through the front of Dauntless compound?" I ask. Anything to prevent me from having to get on this train.

"Yeah. Two Erudites just walk in the front entrance to the Dauntless compund at 2:00am. Perfectly inconspicuous."


She has a point.


I see the train approaching. I can do this. 

Scarlet starts running alongside the train. I follow her lead.



"NOW!" We jump in unison and I slam my shoulder into the floor of the train. 

"Ow..." I groan

"You get used to it" She smiles. 



We jump off the train and off the building onto the net. I do it with a lot more ease than I had expected. I guess that's where my Dauntless result comes from. 

We run through the halls of Dauntless to find the dormitories. 

"Hey! What are you two doing up so late!" We hear the male voice come from the end of the hall. It's dark, so our blue clothing must look black. 

"Run" Scarlet whispers. 

We run as fast as we can. The man running behind us. We turn a corner and I bump into someone. The first thing I notice about him is his muscles. They are big and powerful. He stands with confidence. His face is incredibly attractive. and I can see a tattoo curling over his shoulder He must be 18 or 19. 

"Four!" Scarlet says. "Help" She whispers. Four grabs the back of our shirts and I struggle to get free of his grip, but he is too strong. 

"Four, I found these girls out after curfew I--

"I'll take care of them" Four says. His voice is strong. The man nods and walks away. When we are sure he is gone, Four lets go.

"Scar, what are you doing here? And who's this?" He says gesturing to me. Scarlet explains Jeanine's plan and why we are here.

"And this is Bea" She says.

"Bea, my friend Uriah's older brother Zeke works with Four. He's like an older brother to me" Scarlet explains. He doesn't seem like the "older brother" type, but Scarlet obviously trusts him. 

"You two are crazy," Four smirks "There's no way you can inject everyone in this compound. There's way too many people. We're going to need to use the vents" He smiles.

"Great. I'll inject the initiates. Four, you get the vents" Scarlet says.

"I can take down the security system, but I need someone to manualy get the serum in them" Four explains. When he says that, they both look at me.

"Oh no, I can't, Scarlet, why can't you--

"Because you don't know where the dormitories are, I do. Plus, the vents only affect the apartments, so someone needs to get the initiates" Scarlet explains.

I was able to get on that train and into the compound. I can do this.



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