Blue Bird

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  • Published: 8 Apr 2014
  • Updated: 14 Apr 2014
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When I was told that I was Divergent, It all made sense. It opened the door to a new faction. Maybe it confused me more than it helped. Though my choice was clear, it was not made. The word "Divergent" followed me to the choosing ceremony. It follows me still. The aptitude test was supposed to place me somewhere. But now, it seems it has made me more lonely than ever.
(Word Count 2,997)


3. Scarlet

"Beatrice!" My brother finds me in the crowd of initiates. The choosing ceremony has just ended. I still wear my grey clothing. So does my brother. 

"I thought your result was Abnegation?" He says as we walk behind the Erudite leaders. I swallow hard. Can I tell him? 

"It was actually Erudite" I put on my best smile.

"I didn't actually realize it was the right choice until now" I look at his nose in order to avoid his eyes. 

"I guess it's genetic" He laughs.

Suddenly the group of Erudite initiates slowly comes to a halt. Ahead I can see a blond woman wearing a blue dress. I don't need her to introduce herself before I know who she is.

"Hello Initiates, 

My name is Jeanine Mathews. I will be monitoring your progress throughout your initiation proceedings. As many of you may know, I am the leader of Erudite and I watch with great delight as most of you will become members of the faction with both the highest intellect and intelligence" 




As we enter the giant building that will be my home, my jaw drops. People around me murmur in awe. 

"This is quite the place" A girl says. She stands next to me. She has bright red hair tied back in a pony tail. Her eyes are a dark shade of brown and she wears black clothing. Dauntless transfer.

"My name's Scarlet" She laughs and holds out her hand.

"Beatrice" I say and shake her hand.

"I'll call you Bea. Beatrice is too..."

"Stiff?" I ask.

"Yeah" She laughs. 

Choosing Day and I have already made my first friend. 

We file into our dormitories after being given a tour of parts of the compound. I pick a cot next to Scarlet's and doze off.

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