Blue Bird

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  • Published: 8 Apr 2014
  • Updated: 14 Apr 2014
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When I was told that I was Divergent, It all made sense. It opened the door to a new faction. Maybe it confused me more than it helped. Though my choice was clear, it was not made. The word "Divergent" followed me to the choosing ceremony. It follows me still. The aptitude test was supposed to place me somewhere. But now, it seems it has made me more lonely than ever.
(Word Count 2,997)


5. Plan

"Scarlet" I whisper while shaking her. It's about 1:00am, but I don't care.

"W...what?" She says in a rough voice as she wakes up.

"Keep your voice down" I say.  "We need to go"


As we tiptoe down the Erudite hallways, I explain to Scarlet what I saw starting with the meeting with Jeanine.

"After I met with her, she took me to a lab and explained that she is trying to make a serum to control the Dauntless. She said it was for Dauntless initiation." I explain in a hushed voice.

"I still don't see why you had to wake me up at 1:00am for this" She whines. As we turn a corner I continue.

"Anyways, Jeanine left the room for about five minutes while I was reviewing the serum. But, she left her computer on, so I checked it to see if there was anymore chemical information about the serum. But instead I found something else." I say, we have almost reached the exit.

"Well...what is it?" She asks impatiently. 

"She's planning to inject the Dauntless with it, but not for initiation, she's going to use them to attack the Abnegation. They were injected last night" Scarlet stops in her tracks.

"So we're going to warn the Abnegation" I say .

"No" she says roughly. What? 

My heart starts pounding. What if I made a mistake in trusting her? After all, she is an Erudite now. What if she's loyal to Jeanine?

"No, I mean, there's nothing the Abnegation can do. We need to warn the Dauntless" She says. I feel a sense of relief. She's going to help me. 

"They've already been injected Scarlet" I say.

"Jeanine's smart. Maybe a little too smart. She wouldn't make a serum without making an anti-serum" She smiles that accomplished smile. Like when you've just beat your enemy in a competition. 

"So we inject the Dauntless with the anti-serum and they can't be controlled" I get it.

It's logical. 


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