Blue Bird

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  • Published: 8 Apr 2014
  • Updated: 14 Apr 2014
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When I was told that I was Divergent, It all made sense. It opened the door to a new faction. Maybe it confused me more than it helped. Though my choice was clear, it was not made. The word "Divergent" followed me to the choosing ceremony. It follows me still. The aptitude test was supposed to place me somewhere. But now, it seems it has made me more lonely than ever.
(Word Count 2,997)


7. Guns and Air vents

Scarlet and I were given black clothing, guns and an ear piece so Four can communicate with us. I was reluctant to take the gun at first. I don't even know how to shoot, but Scarlet convinced me.




I slip the gun into my back pocket as I wander down the Dauntless hallways.

"Okay. Go through the door at the end of the hall. That's the vent room. The cameras have been disabled, so you're going to need to talk to me" Four says through my ear piece.

As I turn the door handle, a voice greets me.


"You know, I suspected you were Divergent, I didn't think you were stupid too" 

Jeanine Mathews stands in the room next to a Dauntless man. 


"What's going on?" Four says through my ear piece. I ignore him. 

"Did you really think you could outsmart me Beatrice?" Jeanine says.


I slowly slide my hand towards the gun. The Dauntless man has a gun slung over his chest, but Jeanine does not. So logically, I would hit the man first. But can I really get myself to do it? 

"Bea, I know you can't respond, but I need you to locate the distributor" Four says. My eyes drift towards a black machine in the center of the room. 

"Years ago, they created this room in case they needed to massively distribute something through the air supply. The machine turns liquid into mist. That's where you are going to put the vials" Four says.


"Eric, feel free to arrest her now. Take her to my lab" Jeanine smiles. The Dauntless man must be Eric.

At that moment, I pull out the gun and turn away.

If I don't shoot now, Eric will.  

I shoot blindly at Eric and he falls to the ground. I hit his shoulder. 

Jeanine screams and I point the gun at her. 

"Don't move" I say. I can sense her fear. I guess I'm tougher than we both expected. 


I run towards the distributor and place the vials in the slots in the machine. I see the anti-serum drain from the vials and into the machine. I hear a churning and moments later, the room fills with mist. I can imagine the apartments filling with the same mist. People inhaling the anti-serum and Abnegation being saved.

"You did it Bea. Now get out of there!" Four orders.

I walk towards the door.

"Oh and Four" I say.


"Lock the door on my way out"

I can hear him smirk.

"Yeah sure" He replies.

"No wait please!" Jeanine shouts. I hear the door lock behind me. 

"You know Bea, you'd make a pretty great Dauntless" Four says.




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