The Not-So-Magical Life of a Princess

Elise is normal. Haha, no. That's a lie. Elise is 15 years old, overly dramatic, hyperactive, and rude. Period. She's also secretly a princess that will have to make extremely difficult decisions that may require chopping people's heads off. Maybe. But, like any other story, Elise doesn't know diddly-ding-dong crap about who she is. So, follow Elise as she fights with 'Carl', kills kids' dreams, terrorizes children, and tries to learn how to rule a kingdom. ~~I OWN ABSOLUTELY NO PICTURES, MUSIC, VIDEOS, ETC USED UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE. ALL RIGHTS TO THE ORIGINAL OWNERS. KayThanksBye.~~


1. Explanation//x

Royalty. That's one thing that 90% of girls with they were. A Queen, a princess even.

But not Elise. Never Elise.

Elise is an abnormal, 15 year old girl with strange habits and a glare that'll stop you in your tracks.

At age 3, Elise was put into an orphanage and was later adopted. This was to keep her safe, and protect her from 'him'. Only, Elise doesn't know who 'he' is.

Prince Blake of Hale wants to ask for Elise's hand in marriage, once she's of age.

But, of course, with every plot, there's a twist. Elise doesn't love him.. At least, she doesn't think she does. Why not? Because she has feelings for another.. Prince Rayne of Larken.

But, again, why better way is there to conclude than by saying that Elise has another secret admirer?

Prince Keegan of Shire.

With Elise, nothing is normal. So, when you add the pressure of being royalty, danger, a love square, and fancy food... Well, let's just say that 'interesting' is one word for it.

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