The Not-So-Magical Life of a Princess

Elise is normal. Haha, no. That's a lie. Elise is 15 years old, overly dramatic, hyperactive, and rude. Period. She's also secretly a princess that will have to make extremely difficult decisions that may require chopping people's heads off. Maybe. But, like any other story, Elise doesn't know diddly-ding-dong crap about who she is. So, follow Elise as she fights with 'Carl', kills kids' dreams, terrorizes children, and tries to learn how to rule a kingdom. ~~I OWN ABSOLUTELY NO PICTURES, MUSIC, VIDEOS, ETC USED UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE. ALL RIGHTS TO THE ORIGINAL OWNERS. KayThanksBye.~~


4. Chapter Three


I feel dead.

After hanging out with Kalen's family, I'd headed back home only to be screamed at by Carl, Arianna decided to make me stay up until 4AM to give me a makeover, I'd watched Pride and Predjudice with my mom, Star Wars with my dad.

And now? Now it's 8AM and.

I. Am. Dead.

More dead than Brian Griffin.

More dead than My Great Great Aunt Clary. And she's been dead for like, seven years.

Ewe. I'm a dead corpse. Nasty.

I sighed. Everyone else is asleep, and I'm...

"I'm wide awake!" I whisper-yelled-sang to myself. I grabbed my iPod, deciding that music would keep me up on my little 'Up and About' fit.

I switched through my five hundred and something songs until landing on the song I was looking for; I'm Wasted by Ghost Town.

I danced around giddily, paying no attention to anything surrounding me in any bit.

"Now, I'm Wasted!" I sang lightly, voice flowing like velvet as I pelvic thrusted better than the guy in 'Gangnam Style' in the elevator.

Psh. He's got nothing on me.

Thinking this, I changed it to another song.

"Beautiful girls, all over the world! I could be chasing but my time would be wastin'!" I belted; the feeling of being a teenager in a soap opera was overwhelming, and I just couldn't handle it anymore.


"SHUT UP, BIG MOUTH!" Carl yelled.

"SHADDUP CARL!" I hissed back, running to the stairs and throwing a knife at his door, to which it stuck in easily.

I snickered deviously to myself, and went back to listening to any and every Ghost Town song I owned.

"I remember when we met, yeah, in that Ghost Town.." I sang along to the lyrics of Voodoo and danced, my belly shirt lifting every so once and a while, until I was stopped by a knock on the front door.

I frowned and paused my music, pulling my headphones down to rest around my neck. I walked to the door, humming Off With Her Head to myself, and flung the door open as I glanced at the clock.

By now, it was ten fifteen in the morning. And I had no shame. I'm glad I'd stayed up.

I whipped my head around to look at the door. "Ello. How can I help you?"

In front of my stood two men in black suits, with perfect haircuts; they looked prim and proper.

"Whose at the door?" My father called.

"Don't worry bout it, dad! I got it!" I yelled back, to him, eyes not leaving them.

"Uhh... If you guys are from the police station, I promise that anything the kids in the park told you was a lie. Sort of... I mean, yeah I dressed up like Bloody Mary and scared children, but I swear I didn't mean to--"

"Is there an Elise DeVasa in this household?" The blonde spoke.

"You're speaking to her." I replied, eyes narrowing at them in suspicion.

"You're coming with us." The brunette stated.

I didn't even have a chance to reply before I was grabbed - rather forcefully, might I add - and shoved into a black limo.

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