Love & hate

Madi is just your normal girl. But her best friend is famous his name is Louis from one direction. And she gets to meet them all on her birthday. She is really happy. When she meets Niall it was like love at first sight. But then and when she meets liam they just click and become best friends. does Madi fancy niall and liam? does liam and niall fancy madi? who will she choose read to find out.


2. Presents

"Okay Madi open ours first." said perrie which was her and zayns gift.

"Oh my gosh guys this is beautiful." I said while looking at the outfit and shoes. "thank you so much." I said while hugging them.

"Okay mine and jordyns now." said liam.

"This is amazing I needed a new phone." I said while hugging them then turning on my new pink iphone 5c.

"your welcome." said jordyn

"Okay mine and el's now." said Louis.

"Guys this is too much." I gotten a new laptop a mac book pro.

"its fine really I would do anything for you." said el

I just hugged them and said thank you.

"Okay mine and taylors now!" said harry

"keys?" I said

"yes to your new car." said taylor.

"what?" I said and ran outside. "this is amazing guys thank you so much!"

"Okay mines not the best but here you go." said niall while handing me a card

it said

even though we barley know each other I want you to be mine, my princess. so I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend? xx love niall.

"Oh my gosh niall yes I would love to be." I said while jumping into his arms.

"Really, then tomorrow night ill take you on a date." he said before kissing me.



hey guys its Claire sorry that's its short but I going to do another fanfic on Louis if you want to be the lucky girl tell me your height, full name, eye color, and your idea of a perfect first date. but thank you lovelys ill write more but thank you

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