Love & hate

Madi is just your normal girl. But her best friend is famous his name is Louis from one direction. And she gets to meet them all on her birthday. She is really happy. When she meets Niall it was like love at first sight. But then and when she meets liam they just click and become best friends. does Madi fancy niall and liam? does liam and niall fancy madi? who will she choose read to find out.


1. happy birthday

today im finally turning 16, and meeting One Direction because of my best friend Louis from the band. I have talked to liam before me and him have just clicked and became best friends. And liam says all Louis talks about is me because niall keeps asking questions about me yes me. But Liam haved talked and he said niall is starting to fancy me and I fancy him after all I have heard. I have meet harry, liam because I live with Louis but not zany and niall. but I cant wait to meet them today. this is the best birthday gift I believe. Everyone gets here in ten minutes and liam and harry are already here because they spent the night. I have set up extra drinks and food cause of niall I heard about his eating habbits.

"Madi! Niall and Zayn are here!" said louis

"Okay!" I made sure I looked go and fixed my make-up.

"Hello, im madi" I said while holding out my hand.
"Niall." but instead of an hand shake he gave me a hug.

"Zayn." he said while we hugged.

I could tell he was going to be like a brother to me.

"I smell, food." said niall

"there is some extra food in the livingroom for you" I said

"ugh I love you!!!" niall said while kissing my cheek after running into the living room.

"you guys would be a perfect couple." said Louis, all I did was blush.

"come on Louis, Madi we already have people asking for you." said Liam. "niall is too like a lot"

"guys stop it omg." I said "why is there so many people here?"

"surprise, that's perrie zayns girlfriend, taylor harrys girlfriend, and jordyn liams girlfriend." said Louis.

"we wanted you to have more friends that are girls." said liam

"but you already know el, my girlfriend." "of course." I said while hugging her.

"So nialls single?"

"yes." Louis said while shaking his head. and walked off


this is Claire here this is my new book I hope you like it!



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