Love & hate

Madi is just your normal girl. But her best friend is famous his name is Louis from one direction. And she gets to meet them all on her birthday. She is really happy. When she meets Niall it was like love at first sight. But then and when she meets liam they just click and become best friends. does Madi fancy niall and liam? does liam and niall fancy madi? who will she choose read to find out.


3. date & kisses

Niall's P.O.V

todays the day I take Madi out for a date. She was a beautiful and carefree girl I was so glad that she was mine and only mine, my princess. When I was picking her up from Louis I saw that she was wearing a beautiful white shirt with a sweater I have gave her from Louis, jean shorts ties and commander boots im so glad that she is mine

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