Why I Woke?

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5. New things to know...



Copyright 2014


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Carola's POV: 



"Huh, that was weird. Is everything ok?" Said badboy, as I called her before she had an accident. She has lost her memory. This is awful. I know what to do... I'll tell her that Eve don't like me, because I bullied her before the accident. She will believe, I beg you God. 

"Well, I understand her reaction. I bullied you before the accident. Kicked you. Laughed at you. Said that you are fat and other..." I said, lowering my head down. "What?! Well, but I guess we are friends now... Let's stop being enemies. Can we be best friends?" She asked with those puppy eyes, and you just couldn't say NO. A tear came out of my eye. "Of course" I whispered to her ear while hugging her. It was so sweet, maybe everything will be ok, like old times. Guess I'm a good actress. And Eve sure is too, she married Thomas!

Magda's POV: 

"Ok, girls, don't cry. It's ok. I just wanted it to be perfect life for Magdalena. When you will do something to her like bullying again, I will KILL YOU. Right?" She said in a sorry tone, then a bit higher. The warning of the killing was so serious because of the angriness she used. "R-right..." Mumbled Carola. I was pretty scared of mum's words. "Now, it's shopping time!" My mom said very happy. I was really excited. Guess I'll change my clothing a bit, because I don't even remember my style! "Here I come, Converse!" I said. I tried many pairs, but we picked for me one low- ankled pair of shoes. The material was in a galaxy color. Then we went to House. I got two pairs of T- shirts and one jeans jacket. It was perfect! Next we went to the Empik- shop with music, films, games, etc. and finally Carola bought something! She got a new CD of Ed Sheeran (mom sang entire time "Kiss Me" in the morning) and she was very happy. Then it came to the Hollister. I liked that smell... Carola told me that she never wasn't here. OMG it was amazing! I got lots of blouses, shirts, tank tops and jeans. I am not so slim, so I didn't buy any shorts. Last was KappAhl. I got some underwear, earrings and a lovely T- shirt with USA flag motive. I think I like England flag motive too. 

"Wow, it was perfect! Are you happy? What did you got?" I asked Carola. "Only this Ed's CD. I don't need anything else..." She said. "Oh, no, now you have something else!" I said, giving a small box covered with dots. She opened it. Inside there was a red bracelet with a heart made of silver. On it there was written 'best friends'. "Wow! Sweet!" She said with a tear in her eye. "You're the best!" She added. "No problem. Guess we have to go to my home now!" I told mom. "Yes, hun!" Mom said. So we did. 

At home, there was dad chilling with the band. "Hello!" He said. "Hi. You must be Afromental. And this is Carola. She is my best friend." I said smiling. "What? Oh." Said dad, a bit confused. I shook their hands. Their names were Alex, Thomas L, Wojtek W, Wojtek L, Bartek and Grzesiek. Me and Carola went with my bags to my room. "It's a bit... Empty" she said. "I feel like it too" I said. "Let's change that! Print some photos or get some posters. I'll help you!" She said, excited. "A good idea, Carola! I haven't known that I have a printer in my room!" I replied. So we started to work. "Let's have some Afromental posters. What do you think?" She asked. "Ok" I said, happy. We printed the prettiest ones. Then we sticked them on the doors. "Awesome!" We screamed. Suddenly the doors opened. It was dad and Thomas. They looked at the doors. My cheeks were burning of shyness that I felt. "Woooooow" they both said in shock. Me and Carola started to laugh. "The dinner is ready. Can you come?" Said dad. "Yea, just a moment. We'll go wash our hands" I said. We went off to the toilet. "Their faces, bro..." We giggled and then got to the kitchen. Everyone was waiting for us. I sat between Carola and dad. Carola sat next to Thomas. I was on the end, like Grzesiek was. "So, what's up in the school?" Asked Thomas, as mom put the plates with spaghetti on the table. "Good. People are nice, and Caroline is my best friend, not like old times..." I said, very happy. "That's good" he replied, smiling. Whole dinner dad, mom and rest of the Afromental talked. Me and Carola went off to my room. "I feel like in heaven... I love him..." I heard Carola whispering. "What?" I asked. "Nothing..." She mumbled. "I just love Thomas" she started to cry. "Oh. No problem. But, he has a girlfriend and he is 30 years..." She cried more. "Here, lie down. Are you afraid of me?" I asked. She nodded no. She lied down. I lied down next to her. Then I hugged her hardly. I think we are in a deep relation. "Turn around" I said, she turned so we were face to face. I stared into her eyes deeply. Her facial expression asked if I want to. I nodded yes. Then we started to kiss. At first slowly, next a bit harder, and at last a french one, with tongue. While doing it I noticed Grzesiek looking by the door. There was no one else. I told Carola by my look that he is at the door. "You won't tell anyone. Please" I started to cry, so she did. "Um, no. I promise" he said. He got out and closed the door. We hugged again. "It was amazing. Thanks" she mumbled. "I liked it too. Are we... Um..."

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