Why I Woke?

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4. 'New' School xd



Copyright 2014


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Magda's pov:


"Wake up, Magda!" I heard dad saying. "Ok ok, don't shout!" I mumbled. Today is school. Good. Or no. Excited to see new friends. Oh, old friends. But everything seems so... New. But, it doesn't matter. I woke up. Then I walked to the kitchen. "I've made you sandwiches with honey. You loved them as a smaller kid" said mom, smiling. "Thank you mommy, I love you." I said. Then I've made myself a cup of tea. After I finished the breakfast, I went to the room to get the clothes. Then I entered the toilet. After all, I went off to room. I found a bag with school things. Now, I forgot to set the phone up yesterday, so I did it now. When I did, I found a phone case. It was there from nowhere. Like aliens brought it there. It was dark blue with small metal elements. Beautiful. After, I went to the hall. "Good. I've made you breakfast. Look here, you don't eat anything from school, I make your dinner home. Right?" Said mom. "Right and bright as sun" I said. We went to the car, dressed and with all bags. My mom loved the radio songs. She was practically singing whole time. I smiled. We got school. I entered the building. My class is 6 b, that's on the second floor, next to the stairs. I quickly found it. When I entered the room, all eyes were on me. "Hello!" I said, happy. Everyone came to me, hugged me, and asked random things. "How are you? What's up? How hospital was?" It was such a Niagara of questions, that when I answered them all, the bell rang. "Now it's working with computers!" Said a girl with curly blonde hair. She was higher than me for her head. We went down. I sat next to her. A nice friend is a nice beginning.

"Hello, I'll check if everyone are there." Said teacher Agnes, as curly one said it's her name. "What's your name?" I asked. "I'm Carolina Toronto. And you?" It was nice from her. "I'm Magda Torres. Nice to meet you!" We acted like we were new friends. "Torres? Oh." She acted nervous. "What's on? My surname is ugly or something else?" I asked. She didn't say anything. "Carolyn, may I call you Carola?" I asked. "Of course. Is your dad Thomas?" She asked, with her head down. "Uhm... Yes... Why did you ask?" I asked. "No... n- nothing..." She was nervous and excited in a bad way. "Ok, I won't ask if you want. You know, I'll ask parents if you can come to visit my home, if you want, of course." I really wanted someone to visit my 'new' house. Today. "Ok, if you don't mind..." She said, a bit happier and smiling. "So get your phone and message you parents if you can, as I'll do the same, ok?" I said. I got my phone out. "Can my new friend come visit us today mom? Pleaaaaaaase!" I wrote. "No way, we go today for a shopping, sorry" mom answered. "Can't she go with us?" I replied. "Ask her parents if you want" she wrote. "My mom says that today we go shopping, but if you can, you will go with us!" I said, happy. "I'll ask mom" she said. She wrote to her mom, but she haven't answered whole lesson. After the bell rang, we went off to the class. "She answered!" Screamed in happiness Carola. "Oh I can go with you, PLUS SHE WILL DRIVE TO THE SCHOOL WITH MONEY TO LET ME BUY MORE THINGS!!!" She shouted so whole class turned into her direction and looked at her like at an idiot. "Sorry" she excused. "What's next?" I asked. "English" she replied. "You are in group with Maya, Helen and Julie." She said. "What?! Without you? I won't stay alive without you!" I sniffed, faking- crying. We laughed.


*after lessons*


"My mom will be here in a minute!" I said to Carola. "Ok" she said smiling. We were outside the school. Dressed, with backpacks we run to my car's way. "Hello, I'm Eve, you must be-" my mom was saying until she saw Carola's face. "Is everything ok?" I asked. "Yes Hun. We'll go to the Converse first. Next is House, Empik, Hollister and KappAhl." Commanded my mom. We nodded yes.

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