Why I Woke?

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1. Intro :D


Copyright 2014


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Intro :D


author's note: *I am very happy to start a new movella with you. I make in my mind kind of these stories when i go to sleep /: just wanted to say that I'm very happy just to see you read this movella. OMFG I am excited, a thunderstorm is near to begin and I looove thunderstorms!!!

PS sorry if I make mistakes, I am from Poland, not good at english, but I study and try my best. Bye!!!* end of author's note

Hello!! My name is Magdalena (call myself Grump, Badboy, Mag sometimes) Justin and this will be book about me. My mom is Martha, dad Paul and brother Matheo. I am in 6th grade. My best friend is Carolyn Toronto. Not everyone are nice for me... Everyone say that I'm fat. Stan Leaf says even that I'm a whore or a slut. Everyday. Kicks and punches are normal for me. I love to sing and my dream is to play guitar. I am fan of The Vamps, One Direction, Afromental, Little Mix, Jason Mraz, John Newman and Christina Perri. I'm in deep deep love with Niall Horan. My dream is to marry him.

Carolyn Toronto- call her Carola (read Carla); her mom is Emily (call her auntie xd) and dad Peter, her cat is Max


Thomas Lach (read Lah, it's polish surname)- call him Tomson, have girlfriend
Thomas Torres- call him Torres; married
Alexander Milwiw- Baron- call him Baron
Gregory Dziamka- call him Dziamas
Wojtek Wozzowski- call him Wozz or Wozzo
Bartosh- call him $
Wojtek- call him Lajan (read Layan); married

The Vamps:
Tristian Evans
Connor Ball- call him Condora the explorer (sometimes ;D)
Brad Simpson
James McVey

One Direction:
Niall Horan- call him Nialler, Ni (sometimes ;D)
Harry Styles- call him Hazza (sometimes ;D)
Liam Payne- call him Payno, Li (sometimes ;D)
Louis Tomlinson- call him Boobear, Lou (sometimes ;D)
Zayn Malik

Little Mix:
Perrie Edwards
Leigh- Anne Pinnock- call her Leigh
Jessica Nelson- call her Jesy
Jade Thirlwall

Point Of View (call it pov)

this is bassically end of the intro. Hope you read it, because I will be to lazy to describe them in the rest of the movella. And oh yes, I am REALLY LAZY as you can see :D







sorry at the problem about sizes of text. I know they are different xd

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