Why I Woke?

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3. Awaken



Copyright 2014


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My pov:


I woke up. "Where I am? Who I am? Excuse me, do you know my name?" I asked a man sitting next to me on a white, uncomfortable chair. "You are in a hospital. You are my daughter. You are Magdalena Torres. You got shot and had a knife in your back when me and my friends saw you." He said crying. My dad? I got shot? "I kind of don't remember anything of past of my life." I said with a tear rolling trough my cheek. "Shhh, baby, don't worry, daddy's here..." He said stroking my cheek with his thumb and sang a lullaby. I went back off to sleep.



When I got up, I was still in a hospital. "Doctors, she woke up!" Dad shouted. He was really handsome. What no, he is my dad. "Are you ok? Does anything hurt you?" A doctor which came up asked. "No, I'm good, but what about food?" I said. Doctor laughed and said he will get me something. I looked at the clock. It was half past eight in the morning. "When I will go home? I'm very excited to see my room. Do I have mum?" Thousands of questions were going out of my mouth. "You will go home in a week. You were in a coma about five days. Yes, you have mum. Her name is Eve" he said, smiling. Good I didn't have to wait too long to get out of here. "Here you are!" Said doctor while giving me a sandwich with ham. I ate it, absolutely happy. I was very hungry. "And what about my hobby? What do I like to do?" I asked. "We'll know after you will get home. Ok?" He asked. I nodded ok.


*five days after*


"Ok, today you can go out. When something will be bad, come here again." Said doctor. Today was Wednesday. "Ok!" We said. We hopped into the car. It looked like it was very expensive. "What is your job? Looks like you have a lot of money!" I said. "I am a drummer in a band called Afromental. Just a bunch of people who love to do things they love." He said smiling, turning car on and driving out of the parking. "Ok, first, I think I need clothes. And what about school?" I asked. "You and Eve will go shopping tomorrow, on the SALE day. Your school is near the shopping centre. Eve will get you and you will go." He said. I nodded. We got to our flat. "Hey, cats, say hello to Magda!" Said dad. I laughed. "Where is mum?" I asked. "Hello sweetie!" I heard. I saw a brown haired girl. "I'm Eve, do you remember me?" She said, starting to cry. "No." I nodded, crying to. I hugged her hardly. "Ok, there is your room. Everything is here, but clothes no. Tomorrow you start school. Ok?" He said. I nodded. Well, looks like I am living a new life. I looked around my room. It had modern orange furniture and white walls with paintings. It was beautiful. There were loads of books, Lego bricks, teddy bears... It was absolutely perfect. I found only bra, underwear, dark blue jeans, grey T- shirt, blue hoodie and white converse. Good start. Ok, now... Wait, there are fullcaps! There were three. One violet and green from American Dodgers. My favorite. I will wear her tomorrow. Next I looked on the desk. There was a very small MacBook Air and white iPhone 5c. Wow! I opened it. But wait, let's go to the computer. When I did all settings, I opened You Tube. Suddenly dad entered my room. "Hello babe, let's see what kind of music do you like!" He said excited. He played Korn. "I thing this music is too heavy for me." I said. He was sad. "I thought you will like it, but sounds like you like more the light music. He played Christina Perri. "Oh I love her!" So he found a piece of paper and wrote her name on it. Then he played Pharrell Williams. I liked too, so he wrote his name under Christina's. Then The Vamps was on. "I absolutely love it! Life of a vampette, here I come!" I said laughing. Dad looked at me shocked. Then he played Michael Bublé. He was nice too. Then time for hip hop came. "I liked Eminem and Afromental. Haha!" I said laughing. "Now, today you will go on an internet gallery side and you will browse music that you want. Like, we will do a list and then buy it. You will get it on weekend. Ok?" He asked. I nodded yes. "Now, time to go sleep. Tomorrow is the school!" My dad said. I found a grey pajamas under a pillow. When I went into the toilet, I found mum. "Hey mommy!" I said. "Hello Hun. There is your toothbrush. Now, go and wash yourself. Tomorrow is school day!" She said. I nodded yes. When I washed myself and all, I went to my room. While I was trying to sleep, I heard my parents talking. Suddenly I drifted off to sleep.

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