Why I Woke?

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2. Afromental concert



Copyright 2014


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Grumpy's pov:


Today is going to be a great day... 12th of january 2014 year is Sunday so I don't have any problem to go... for a concert... An Afromental concert!!! It will be awesome!!! My favorite is Baron, unfortunately he has a fiancée. Carola's favorite one is Tomson. I think Torres is the caring man. Carola is going with me. And my mom... I "love her"- she told me I have to wear ski trousers... Shit... But the rest is okay. I think. Carola will be here soon, she and her mom will pick up me and Martha off to the building where the concert will be. Me and mom went out.

"Heyy Caroline! Hello auntie!" I said while hopping into a black Ferrari. My bf's family is really rich. "Hello Magda!" Said auntie. "Hello badboy!!!" Shouted Carola. Well, we call me like that because I am not the good behaving one in school, like it's normal for me to play on the lessons on the phone or to talk with her. And second thing that while valentines day I've got a valentine which was saying "you're handsome"and me and Carola say I'm a boy. In polish handsome sounds more for boys... So bad from my behaving and boy from the valentine. Back to the moment. Me and Carola were talking about concert. "We will catch their towels!! And have their autographs!! And... And..." We were sick about it...

"We're here girls!" Said auntie. "Ok, I have to go to the toilet, I'll catch up with you, don't wait for me please" I said. "Ok" they nodded. So I did. After my business I went to the hall. We will dance, then watch the fireworks, then- something hit my back very hard. I was opening my mouth to scream, but a hand in a black glove hid it. Suddenly everything went black.

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