Imagin for you!

Hi! I'm going to do imagine book-ich. I want you to decide who and what it's going to be about all I need is:

Description about yourself
How you will meet the boy/boys
Which boy or boys
Famous or not

Xx love xx


6. Phoebe and Zayn 💕

"Come on Phoebe, we are going to be late!" That's Abby. We are going to the movies and watch the new movie The Other Woman. " I be right there" I said while brushing the last in my long blond hair. "I'm here now, how do I look?" "Wow" Was the only thing AJ said. I hade my old blue shorts and a plain whit shirt with a black cross on.

*Skip car ride*

At the movies there where loads of people. I walked to the line of people to buy popcorn and drinks. 10 minutes later it was my turn to buy. A cute and sexy boy with dark short hair and chocolate brown eyes stood behind the desk. "Can I help you?" OMG, panic attack. Wait what am I going to say? "Um.... a large popcorn 3 coke and you're phone number." Wait did I just say that? " sure." Zayn, as it said on the shirt, said. He write something on a note and gave me my drinks and popcorn and the note.

"That's 20 pounds and a text" He said with a smirk. I could feel my cheeks burn. " th...thank you." I walked away and smiled like a jerk. How am I supposed to tell Abbie and AJ my best friends? Eh.. I tell them after the movie.

Hey ho! Now what do you think? Thx everyone that comment I think I have 37 readers. I mean 37 readers!!!!! How?!?!? THANK YOU! I love you and don't forget that I want to make a story so I need name boy and lots of more! So keep on comment and see you soon. This one was/is for phoebe! Sorry for keeping you all waiting but I will do the rest soon. So thx again and see you soon.

Love Nikki!💕

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