Imagin for you!

Hi! I'm going to do imagine book-ich. I want you to decide who and what it's going to be about all I need is:

Description about yourself
How you will meet the boy/boys
Which boy or boys
Famous or not

Xx love xx


9. Jade and Zayn💕

"Wow you look fantastic!" My best friend Indi said to me. I was going to marry my all time prince Zayn. My dress was a no sleeve dress, tight up but lose down. It's a really long dress. My long brown hair hang lose but a little bit of waves. "Ready?" My mom asked. I took a long breath and nobs with a huge smile. My mom and dad and my three bridesmaids. My sister Sofia, my BFF Indi and one of Zayns sisters Doniya. We arrived in a limo course zayn insisted. "Show time my princess" My dad told my. I was smiling while holding my dad's arm and a bouquet of wonderful white and red roses. When I started to walk down the aisle I heard Nothing on you by Bruno Mars. I love Bruno Mars so I started to get tears in my eyes. I was next to Zayn now. My dad gave me to Zayn so now it starts.

"Do you Jade Rebecka Smith take Zayn Javaad Malik to be you're beloved husband?" Now only two words you have to say. Breath. "I do" I made it, good now Zayn. "Do you Zayn Javaad Malik take Jade Rebecka Smith to be you're beloved wife?" He said it! Wow! "You may kiss the bride." He leaned in but hesitated. He stopped. Why?! He lifted me up bridal style then kissed me! It was the best kiss ever!


Okey I noticed that I need days that I going to update. Monday and Friday? Yes that will be good. Like and fav. This was to Jade hope you liked it! And plz tell everyone about me and I will try to remember to write every monday and friday. Someone want a Imagen then comment and if you just want to comment do that! But no hate thanks! Love you my horses! ❤️❤️❤️

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