Imagin for you!

Hi! I'm going to do imagine book-ich. I want you to decide who and what it's going to be about all I need is:

Description about yourself
How you will meet the boy/boys
Which boy or boys
Famous or not

Xx love xx


8. Filipa and Niall 💕

I'm at the mall with my wonderful fianće Niall. I am pregnent and my baby will be born soon. I dont know if it will be a boy or a girl yet but i dont care. We are looking for cute clothes that both a boy and a girl can wear. When we are in McDonalds i feel something wet on my leg and then i know MY WATER BROKE! "Niall get me to the hospital! NOW!!" Niall rushed over to me and carried me ridel style to the car.

  ~*Skip car ride*~

I'm in the hospital and I got carride to a room while Niall called the boys. Niall came in my room and held my hand trying to calm me down but it's not working. The doctors came in and told me.. It's Time..

Niall held my hand trough it all and I'm a little suprise that his hand didn't fall of. "Congrats it's a little baby boy. Healthy and cute. Do you have a name for him?" The nurse, called Nicole, asked me. Me and Niall thought about a name long ago and because one of Nialls best friends are Liam we thought why not? "Liam Edwards." she handed me Liam and told us that the rest could come in.

So here we are me, Niall, Liam, Liam, Harry, Zayn and Harry. "So what is the little cuties name?" Niall asked. "Liam Edwards." When i told them the name was Liam (the old one) in tears.

We are on the way home and I cant wait to show Liam around at home.


A/N There you have it 2 capters. Hope you liked it and love to everyone!! Hope youre day is fantastic and don´t forget that you can follow me on twitter: NStaberg and that you can talk to me on kik:Nikkibest00 Love u all!! Like and favorit this movell and love you

Love Nikki 💕

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